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The 49 Most Valuable Poker Strategy Articles for 2020

Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of all the great strategy content that’s available here at Upswing. But in case you’ve missed something, or want to double back and reinforce what you’ve learned, we’ve compiled our top strategy articles. 

Each of them falls under one of the following categories (click to jump to that section):

Whether you want to binge-read a dozen articles or call it a day after a single one, this list has the potential to be a valuable resource for improving your poker skills. Consider bookmarking or saving this page in case you want to reference it in the future.

General poker strategy articles and guides

What Separates Good Poker Players From The Best?
Find out what distinguishes the very best poker players from the rest of the pack.

10 Quick Poker Tips That Will Help Your Game in 5 Minutes
quick poker strategy articles tips
Upswing’s own Doug Polk shares some quick poker tips and tricks that will help you elevate your skills both live and online.

4 Rules That Will Help You Choose the Perfect Bet Size
An explanation bet sizing–a crucial concept to understand in modern-day games.

This is Why You Should Use Small Bet Sizes More Often
Everything you need to know about using small bet sizes in No Limit Hold’em from game theory expert Matt Janda.

Obliterate Calling Stations with These 3 Stupid-Simple Tricks
3 simple but effective tips for exploiting weak opponents who hate folding.

4 Skills That Will Help You Win More Money From the Blinds
Accumulating more chips is what poker is about. These 4 skills are paramount for doing that.

Hand Combinations: The Secret Weapon Pros Use to Win More Money
An Upswing Poker high stakes analyst outlines a fundamental strategy that the pros use to maximize profit.

How to Win at Poker in 4 Steps
This 4-step plan won’t teach you how to win at poker every time (that’s not possible). What it will do is teach you how to put more money in your wallet with an easy-to-follow plan.

7 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Professional Poker Player
Deciding to become a professional poker player is a big decision. This article outlines what you should think about before making that choice.

Does Your Poker Career Feel Stuck? So Did This High Stakes Pro’s
poker strategy articles 2017 doug polk stuck
Are you stuck in a rut, struggling to make a decent profit playing poker? Doug Polk once felt the same way.

4 Things You Must Know to Play Perfect GTO
Matthew Janda’s Applications of No Limit Hold’em is endorsed by Team Upswing Pros, and recognized as one of the very best poker strategy books on the market. Ryan Fee shares the 4 most important takeaways from Janda’s game-changing publication.

3-Step Poker Warm Up Routine That Will Improve Your Results
Ben Ward outlines how you can improve your results by embracing a warm up routine. A few big name pros cut in at the end to share their own personal poker session warm up routine.

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Pre-flop poker strategy

12 Pre-flop Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs
Avoid these 12 pre-flop mistakes and your results will almost certainly skyrocket.

5 Tips for 4-Betting That Every Aspiring Pro Needs to Know
Find out when it is optimal to 4-bet pre-flop with these 5 tips for 4-betting.

Why (and How) You Need to 3-Bet More
3-bet poker strategy article
Aggressive pre-flop play can reap huge rewards in No Limit Hold’em. Here’s why and how you should add it to your game.

6 Tips to Stop Bleeding Chips from the Small Blind
Stop leaking chips from the small blind with these 6 effective pre-flop tips.

How to React to Pre-flop 3-Bets In and Out of Position
Ryan Fee explains why 3-betting is so powerful in No Limit Hold’em, and how you should adjust your tactics when facing one.

Post-flop strategy articles

5 Not-So-Easy River Spots Explained by a Game Theory Expert
A game theory expert breaks down 5 river situations that are tough, but necessary to understand. This article contains some particularly useful online poker tips, but the advice applies to live poker as well.

How to Decide Which Hands to Call Down Vs. Triple Barrel
How to proceed when facing triple barrel post-flop bets from an opponent.

How to Bluff with Flush Draws Like a 3-Time Bracelet Winner
Learn a key element of post-flop success from three-time WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk.

How to Win More Pots with Delayed C-Bets
Embracing the ins-and-outs of delayed continuation betting will put more money directly in your pocket.

Should You Ever Donk-Bet on The Flop in No Limit Hold’em?
Learn the best time to lead out with a bet on the flop after defending a pre-flop raise.

How to Avoid Getting Crushed After Defending with a Weak Hand
Sometimes you must defend your blind with a relatively weak holding. This guide provides suggestions on how to minimize losses in those situations.

3 Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Winrate Vs. C-Bets Out of Position
Mike Brady, Upswing Poker’s Director of Content, wants to make facing continuation bets out of position easier

How to Check-Raise Like a High Stakes Juggernaut
poker article on check-raising
Check-raising is an important element of poker, but you must learn how to best implement this strategy if you want to reap its rewards.

How to Print Money with Your Flop C-Bets In and Out of Position
Discover the best situations for continuation betting while in and out of position.

4 Tips That Will Help You Win More Money on the River
A lot of money is won and lost on the river. This article discusses how to make the most out of your opportunities on the river while minimizing losses.

Multi-table tournament strategy articles

QUIZ – How Much Do You Actually Know About Tournament Poker Strategy?
Learn about the nuances of tournament poker with this interactive 10 question quiz.

7 Poker Tournament Tips for Running Deep More Often
Are you busting out of Multi-Table Tournaments earlier than you’d like? These tips will help you make more deep runs.

How to Open-Raise in MTTs So The Big Blind Doesn’t Crush Your Soul
Avoid getting crushed by loose tournament players in the big blind with this range and sizing strategy for open-raising.

5 Poker Tournament Myths Way Too Many People Believe
Miikka Anttonen discusses 5 tournament poker tall-tales that you shouldn’t believe.

The Ultimate Guide to Big Blind Defense in MTTs
defending big blind poker article
Miikka Anttonen shows aspiring players how minimize losses from the big blind. This is part 1 of a 4 part series covering short stack play from the blinds.

How to Combat Steals with a Tiny Chip Stack
In part 2 of Miikka’s short stack blind play series, he explains how to get more playability (and more expectation) from your super-short chip stack.

The Ultimate Guide to Dominating Weak Tournament Competition Pre-flop
A big part of tournament poker is extracting chips from your weakest opponents. This guide shows you how to dominate your opponents pre-flop.

How to Dominate Weak Tournament Opponents Post-flop
A how-to guide for getting the most out of your post-flop skills by exploiting weak opponents once the community cards hit the board.

The 4 Dumbest Career-Ending Mistakes Tournament Players Make
Avoid these 4 mistakes and keep your tournament poker career alive.

How to Check-Raise with Short Stacks Like an MTT Boss
Use a short tournament stack to your advantage with these tips.

6 Essential Tips for Dealing with Downswings in Poker Tournaments
Downswings in poker tournaments are inevitable. Here’s how to deal with tough times as an MTT player.

Live poker strategy

Crush Live Poker Games with These 8 Battle-Tested Tactics
Take your poker skills to the tables and dominate the action with these tips and tricks.

5 Skills That Will Boost Your Live Poker Earnings
Maximize your earning potential with these 5 skills.

8 Live Poker Tips That Will Put More Cash in Your Pocket
Here are 8 tips  that will make you a bigger winner playing live.

Advanced poker theory articles

How You Should Think About Poker (But Probably Don’t)
poker game theory strategy article
A simple explanation of the optimal way to think about poker strategy.

How the Top Pros Analyze Hands in 2017
Thomas Pinnock shows us how to break down and analyze poker hands.

Why The Best Poker Players Make Decisions at Random
This article details why making some decisions at random is actually an advanced and necessary tactic (when done correctly).

The Ultimate Guide to Pre-flop Multiway Pots
Extract maximum value from multi-way pots with this guide.

Minimum Defense Frequency Vs. Pot Odds Revealed
Ryan Fee tells Upswing readers how to get the most out of every situation.

Free downloadable poker guides

Learn to Play Flush Draws
20 free tricks for playing flush draws in No Limit Hold’em. This online poker strategy guide is a truly great resource!

10 Pot Limit Omaha Secrets Exposed
Learn these 10 closely guarded secrets from PLO expert Fernando Habegger.

Advanced poker strategy training courses

Postflop Game Plan ($7)
Make use of this foundational, multi-media guide that shows when and how to categorize poker hands profitably.

The Upswing Lab
This No Limit Hold’em training course is what our world-class team of coaches would teach their younger selves, if they could send information back in time. Updated monthly with a new strategy module, and once a week with a new Play & Explain video.

The PLO Lab
Pot Limit Omaha guru Fernando Habegger shares his secrets with aspiring pros. This course includes the 6-hour PLO Bootcamp, weekly videos, and regular strategy module updates.

Tournament Master Class
Longtime high stakes poker tournament player and $6 million cash prize winner Pratyush Buddiga shares his knowledge on how to maximize your expectations in poker tournaments, both live and online.

Advanced Heads-Up Mastery
Join Doug Polk as he shows you step-by-step how he mastered HUNL play. The advanced poker tips and strategies in this course will help much more than your heads-up game because understanding wide range situations apply to all forms of poker.

News and events

5 Most Memorable Doug Polk Moments of 2017 (December)
Relive the very best Doug Polk moments during his meteoric rise in 2017.

Phil Ivey Edge Sorting UK Supreme Court Case Recap (December)
An outline of the high profile “edge sorting” case involving legendary poker pro Phil Ivey.

5 Ambitious Poker World Predictions for 2018 (November)
The poker world could be in for significant changes in 2018 if these 5 ambitious predictions become reality.

5 Entertaining Tweets from Poker Legend Doyle Brunson (September)
Doyle Brunson has serious social media skills.

5 Poker Vlogs That Are Worth Your Time (August)
Get the most out of your poker community experience by checking out these 5 high quality poker vlogs.

Phil Hellmuth Wins Inaugural $50,000 King of The Hill champion’s belt (August)
The “Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth uses his patented White Magic skills to overcome the competition in the inaugural Poker Night in America King of The Hill contest.

Doug Polk Wins WSOP High Roller for One Drop and $3.68 Million (June)
Doug Polk realizes a poker dream by taking down the WSOP High Roller for One Drop and capturing his third World Series of Poker bracelet.

Doug Polk Sets YouTube Live Streaming Record (May)
Move over Twitch: Doug also holds the YouTube Poker Live Streaming record after winning a high roller event on Party Poker.

Poker Bot “Libratus” Crushes Heads-Up Poker Pros (January)
The world’s best heads-up No Limit Hold’em players battle against poker bot “Libratus”–and they get crushed.

Doug Polk YouTube Video on Dan Bilzerian Goes Viral (January)
Learn the truth behind Dan Bilzerian’s poker bankroll in this viral Doug Polk video.

Andrew Neeme Interview with Upswing Poker
Learn more about marquee poker vlogger Andrew Neeme in this “favorable” interview.

Fedor Holz Joins Doug Polk Podcast
Poker tournament high roller Fedor Holz joins Doug for an in-depth discussion. The topic include competitive poker, current events and how he has achieved so much at such a young age.

‘Jungleman’ Dan Cates Appears on Doug Polk Podcast
Card playing savant Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates talks with Doug about the current poker environment, for-profit opportunities, avoiding the world’s largest poker site, and the future of online poker.

Phil Hellmuth Revealing Interview on Doug Polk Podcast
All-time leading WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth reveals all in this must-watch podcast with Doug Polk.


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Home > The 49 Most Valuable Poker Strategy Articles for 2020
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