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[QUIZ] Can You Beat $0.10/$0.25 on PokerStars?

Poker games are getting tougher to beat by the day, especially on the world’s most competitive poker site. Even at the once-super-soft micro stakes tables, you will run into many players who are serious about the game.

Can you beat $0.10/$0.25 on PokerStars in 2019?

This 15-question quiz will put your skills to the test with 6 example hands. If you get more than 10 correct, there’s a good chance you can beat modern micro stakes games.

Keep in mind the correct answers are based on the tendencies of the $0.10/$0.25 player pool, a group that generally under-bluffs and plays loose-passively versus bets. Also remember that the rake is very consequential in these games.

Good luck!

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Home > [QUIZ] Can You Beat $0.10/$0.25 on PokerStars?
Home > [QUIZ] Can You Beat $0.10/$0.25 on PokerStars?
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