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[Quiz] Can You Beat $0.10/$0.25 on PokerStars in 2019?

Poker games are getting tougher to beat by the day, especially on the world’s most competitive poker site. Even at the once-super-soft micro stakes tables, you will run into many players who are serious about the game.

Can you beat $0.10/$0.25 on PokerStars in 2019?

This 15-question quiz will put your skills to the test with 6 example hands. If you get more than 10 correct, there’s a good chance you can beat modern micro stakes games.

Good luck!

Hand #1: Preflop

Online $0.10/$0.25. 6-Handed. Effective Stacks $25.

Hero is in MP with K T
utg folds. Hero raises to $0.6. 2 folds. SB 3-bets to $2.25. bb folds. Hero...?

This hand is a borderline call in position against a 3-bet, generally speaking. However, given the high rake that is present at $0.10/$0.25 online, KTs shifts down to a fold.

You shouldn’t 4-bet with this hand because there are better options that you can use to balance your 4-betting range, namely small Ax suited hands.

Let's assume you called to see if you can play your way out of this preflop mistake. We'll skip straight to the turn after an easy decision on the flop...

Let us know how you did in the comments below or share your score on Twitter! 

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