Mike Brady

I used to play a ton of poker. Now, I'm the Vice President of Upswing Poker and only play a decent amount of poker. Read my full bio here.

lucid cash game quiz

Great Poker Players Will 10/10 This Cash Game Quiz

By Mike Brady / April 1, 2024
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3 poker tactics

3 Easily Understood Poker Tactics That Will Make You Money in 2024

By Mike Brady / February 27, 2024
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rampage vs airball

Flush vs Flush! Rampage Flops The Nuts vs Nik Airball (Analysis)

By Mike Brady / January 5, 2024
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We’re Cutting Prices for Black Friday & Cyber Monday (25% Off)

By Mike Brady / November 8, 2023
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Doug Polk Bets 3 Times the Pot & His Opponent Has Top Pair!

By Mike Brady / October 3, 2023
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doug vs krab

Doug Polk’s Bold Bluff Versus a Top Pro’s Pocket Aces

By Mike Brady / September 21, 2023
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doug polk vs daniel negreanu high stakes duel hand

Straight Flush Draw vs Daniel Negreanu ($100,000 Duel Hand Analysis)

By Mike Brady / September 15, 2023
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(Sneak Peek) Road to Victory: The Ultimate Poker Tournament Course

By Mike Brady / May 9, 2023
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$10K Buy-In Super Millions Review (ft. Darren Elias & Nick Petrangelo)

By Mike Brady / May 5, 2023
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best of 2022

The Best Free Upswing Poker Content of 2022

By Mike Brady / December 28, 2022
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hellmuth vs koon

How Phil Hellmuth Lost His $1.6 Million Match Against A Top Pro (Analysis)

By Mike Brady / December 9, 2022
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live poker mistakes

5 Common Mistakes Live Cash Game Players Make

By Mike Brady / October 18, 2022
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smash live cash sneak peek

Sneak Peek Inside Smash Live Cash with Nick Petrangelo (ft Brad Owen)

By Mike Brady / October 12, 2022
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smash live cash square

7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Smash Live Cash

By Mike Brady / October 10, 2022
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big pocket pairs

How to Play Big Pocket Pairs in Cash Games

By Mike Brady / September 28, 2022
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patrick antonius hero call

Patrik Antonius Hero Calls Bottom Pair with $825,000 On The Line (Analysis)

By Mike Brady / September 23, 2022
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