Mike Brady

I used to play a ton of poker. Now, I'm the Vice President of Upswing Poker and only play a decent amount of poker.

monotone flops vs c-bet

How to Play Strong Hands on Monotone Flops (Check-Raise vs Slow-Play)

By Mike Brady / December 13, 2019
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kanu7 monotone flops

Poker Millionaire Reveals His Strategy on Monotone Flops (♠️ ♠️ ♠️)

By Mike Brady / December 6, 2019
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black friday cyber monday sale upswing poker

We’re Slashing Prices for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

By Mike Brady / November 21, 2019
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plo set analysis

How to Play Middle Set on A♦ 8♠️ 6♠️ K♠️ for $15,747 (PLO Analysis)

By Mike Brady / November 4, 2019
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kane kalas

Sneak Peek at the New Short Deck Course with Kane Kalas

By Mike Brady / October 28, 2019
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basketball players

What is Expected Value (EV) in Poker? This Basketball Analogy Will Make it Clear

By Mike Brady / August 22, 2019
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high stakes mtt sessions walkthrough

High Stakes MTT Sessions with Nick Petrangelo (Walkthrough)

By Mike Brady / July 8, 2019
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nick video 3

Bluff-Raising the River with $38,381 on the Line (Analysis)

By Mike Brady / July 5, 2019
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nick petrangelo sam greenwood

Super High Rollers BATTLE on the Money Bubble (Analysis)

By Mike Brady / June 28, 2019
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nick petrangelo multiway

Advance Your Multiway Skills with Nick Petrangelo (Free Video)

By Mike Brady / June 21, 2019
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jason koon vs kane kalas high stakes hand

Did Jason Koon Make a Million Dollar Mistake vs Kane Kalas? (Analysis)

By Mike Brady / June 14, 2019
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big blind defense strategy cash vs tournaments

Big Blind Defense Strategy 101: Tournaments vs Cash Games

By Mike Brady / May 28, 2019
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mo play and explain

Upswing Coach Moritz Dietrich Gets 2nd in SCOOP Sunday Million

By Mike Brady / May 14, 2019
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Win a $250 Ticket This Sunday on Natural 8 (Upswing-Exclusive, 10 Seats Added)

By Mike Brady / May 10, 2019
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ryan riess ten-high hero call EPT

When a WSOP Champ Called All-in with Ten-High (Analysis)

By Mike Brady / May 10, 2019
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poker slang terms

7 Poker Slang Terms Players Love to Say (And What They Mean)

By Mike Brady / May 3, 2019
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