Poker Training Courses & Tools

By Doug Polk

  • Turn a Small Bet Into Big Wins
  • The Fastest Way to Become a Winning Player
  • Takes Just 2 Hours to Complete

By Doug Polk, Gary Blackwood & More

  • Skyrocket Your Poker Earnings
  • Delivers World-Class Results for No Limit Hold'em Players
  • New Content Added Weekly


  • Drill single actions, specific streets or entire hands
  • Get instant feedback on your play
  • Find the weakest parts of your game and plug costly leaks quickly!

By Dylan Weisman

  • Quickly Become a Winner at Pot Limit Omaha
  • Easy to Understand Training for Online and Live
  • Discover Common Player Tendencies (and How to Exploit Them)

By Darren Elias & Nick Petrangelo

  • Run Deeper & Win More Tournaments
  • Training Backed By Over $60 Million in Tournament Earnings
  • Use the Preflop App to Look Up Charts in Seconds

By Nick Petrangelo (ft. Brad Owen)

  • Win the Maximum in Live Poker Games
  • Learn Battle-Tested Strategies Alongside Brad Owen
  • Access the One-of-a-Kind Live Cash Preflop Mastersheet

By Chris Wehner & Dylan Weisman

  • Make Serious Money at Pot Limit Omaha
  • The Most Advanced PLO Course Ever
  • Cement Your Understanding with Coach-Made Quizzes

By Doug Polk & Fabian Adler

  • Learn from the End Boss of Heads-Up Poker
  • 40+ Hours of Elite Training Content
  • Game-Changer for All No Limit Hold'em Players

By Uri Peleg

  • Identify Leaks & Destroy Your Opponents
  • Made for Poker Players Who Want a Massive Edge
  • Get 539 Custom Preflop Charts

By Alex Millar

  • Immediately Improve Your Win-Rate in Online & Live Cash Games
  • Discover Cutting-Edge Cash Game Strategies
  • Access the Easy-to-Use Preflop Range Viewer with Extensive Charts

By Alexandre Vuilleumier

  • Learn how to build your own poker strategy with a style that suits you
  • Gain a huge advantage over players who just copy what others do
  • Transform your game with Alex's unique approach and active learning methods

By Jake Abdalla

  • Crush the Softest Games In Existence
  • Master Expert Strategies for 5 Game Types
  • Be Ready to Play Any Game at Any Time

By Nick Petrangelo

  • Watch The World’s Best Tournament Player Crush & Explain
  • Become an Expert in Misunderstood Spots
  • This is the End Boss MTT Course

By Kane Kalas

  • Become a Crusher in Short Deck Hold’em Games
  • Profitably Start Tables with Strategies & Ranges for Heads-Up Play
  • Learn Tactics Used by the World’s Best Players

By Alexandre Vuilleumier

  • Take advantage of 62 common mistakes your opponents are making
  • Gain access to the Exploit & Conquer Workbook
  • Coach Alex shares over 3 Hours of the best poker exploits

By Uri Peleg

  • Boost Your Red Line with Battle-Tested Tactics
  • Get Check-Raising Strategies That Work
  • Learn from Veteran Coach & High Stakes Pro Uri Peleg


  • The Fastest Way to Improve Your PLO Results
  • Learn How to Play Any Starting Hand With Two Clicks
  • Set Yourself Up for Success After the Flop


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About Upswing Poker Training Courses

Our mission is to provide poker players of all skill levels with the strategies, tactics, and tools they need to accomplish their goals.
Founded by Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, and Matt Colletta in 2015 with the goal of helping poker players get better at the game they love, Upswing Poker has grown from a blog offering free preflop charts to the world's biggest poker training company with courses and tools for every popular game type, including cash game poker courses, tournament poker courses, Pot Limit Omaha courses, and more. Meet our elite team of pros here.