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Road to Victory is an extensive training course made for tournament poker players.

Your new coaches, Darren Elias and Nick Petrangelo, have combined for over $40 million in live tournament earnings and many millions more online.

Darren has a record 4 World Poker Tour titles and is a master of exploitative tournament strategy, while Nick is a Super High Roller regular who is a master of advanced theoretical strategies. You get the best of both worlds as the two longtime friends reveal their winning strategies in this course.

Road to Victory Coach Stats

Stat Nick Petrangelo Darren Elias
Biggest Win $2,910,227 $843,744
Six-Figure Cashes 69 31
Top 3 Finishes 35 42
Wins 20 14
Live Tournament Earnings $32,760,008 $12,866,645
Online Tournament Earnings (Approx) $15,000,000 $10,000,000
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What You Get

25+ hours of tournament training videos backed by Nick and Darren's years of experience and research playing online and around the world.

Private group access where you can ask questions and discuss hands with fellow members — including exclusive videos from Darren answering questions.

Bonus #1: The New Preflop Mastersheet App. Instantly access to 298 preflop charts for 6 different stack depths to use as your baseline strategy in tournaments.

Bonus #2: Darren's Exploitative Ranges (50 charts) that will help you adjust your preflop strategy in various situations like a top professional.


Learn How to Adjust vs the 5 Player Types

Darren Elias introduces you to the general approach he's used to win millions of dollars in tournaments around the world.

He breaks down the 5 poker player types that are constantly referenced throughout the course and shares key mindset tips that will help you play your A-game more often.

Darren elias’s approach
exploitative ideas in road to victory tournament course

Identify 7 Exploits Hiding in Plain Sight

Learn 7 hyper-specific exploitative tactics that Darren has used for many years of his wildly successful poker career.

These strategies can be used both online and live (though some are live-specific) to counter your opponents to the max.

Build Stacks in the Early Stage

Your Tournament Journey begins with an extensive section on playing the Early Stages.

Learn Darren and Nick's dominant strategies for when stacks are deep and weak players are in abundance.

Early Stage road to victory course icon
intermediate stage road to victory course icon

Crush Opponents in the Intermediate Stage

Maintain discipline and continue building your stack when registration has closed and around half the field remains.

Darren demonstrates how and when he adjusts his preflop ranges and takes a deep dive into multiway theory with Nick.

Thrive & Survive During Bubble Stages

Discover how to set yourself up for a deep run and/or survive to lock up the cash (depending on your stack).

Darren reviews more than a dozen hypothetical and real hand examples that show you how to adjust your strategy when the bubble looms. By the end, you'll be equipped to avoid untenable situations and take calculated risks with worthwhile rewards.

bubble stage road to victory course icon
in the money stage road to victory course icon

Run Over Your Opponents In The Money

Congrats on making the money! But there's still work to do...

Make precise preflop decisions and lock-in as you fight for a spot at the final table. Nick and Darren explain key ICM considerations and player tendencies that should impact your strategic approach when in the money.

Winning The Final Table & Closing the Deal Heads-Up

Stay measured and play well even when big money is on the line and emotions are running high. Then, learn heads-up strategies that will help you close the deal when just one opponent sits between you and the win.

This section includes an incredible 8-part series (arguably the most valuable part of the course) in which Nick and Darren review every hand from a high stakes online final table, which Darren went on to win for $448,842.

the final table road to victory course icon


Preflop Mastersheet 2.0

Look up how to play almost any common preflop situation in seconds at 6 different stack depths with the custom-built Preflop Mastersheet 2.0. Accessible from any device with an internet connection. Watch the video to learn more.

Do Not Miss Out...Make Sure You Get This Game-Changing Preflop Tool

darren's exploitative ranges

Darren's Exploitative Ranges

As a master of exploitative play in large-field tournaments, Darren Elias is uniquely qualified to provide special preflop charts that will help you adjust your strategy like a top pro.

There are a total of 50 Exploitative Ranges. Most show you how Darren plays versus different player types in different situations, while some show you what Darren estimates different player types are doing.

darren's exploitative ranges


"You know, every time I play with Nick Petrangelo or watch him play, I'm always left with the feeling that he's one of the best players in the world, for real. Always."

- High stakes pro Nick Schulman


What Other Tournament Players Had to Say About This Couse

Verified Customer (Early Access)

ben moon

Ben Moon

WSOP Bracelet Winner
The Nick and Darren combo provide a nice balance of solver-based strategy and deviations based on opponents and dynamics. The mixture of deep theoretical concepts and in-game exploits gave me much insight to how they’ve achieved their combined success and plugged leaks in my own game.
The content was high-level but easily digestible which expedited the learning process. I trust the takeaways from this course to move the needle for me in the upcoming WSOP.

Verified Customer

chris brewer

Chris Brewer

$250K WSOP High Roller Champion

I have not watched it yet, but I can not imagine any world where this isn’t amazing value.

Both are great guys too, so I know they will have put a lot of effort into the course.

Verified Customer
(Early Access)


Joe Blackman

Mid Stakes Live Player

Darren's explanation of player types and how to exploit such players at different parts (early, bubble, final table) of a tournament was digestible and genuinely fun to learn.

As a mid-stakes live player, sometimes I struggle bridging the gap between the theoretical and real world of poker, especially in tournaments. After studying Darren and Nick's approach, I feel much more confident at the tables.

mike brady

Mike Brady

Upswing Poker VP

I've worked with a lot of talented poker coaches over the years in my time with Upswing Poker, but I was still absolutely blown away by Darren Elias.

His teaching style has something for everyone. Advanced players will constantly pick out nuggets of wisdom from his content that they can quickly add to their own game. Beginners will find his way of speaking easy to understand as he uses plain English to make his points.

I think any tournament poker player would be foolish to skip this course. You will enjoy watching it. You will get incredible value from it.

Verified Customer
(Early Access)


David Steinke

Tournament Player

This course is my favorite poker course I've ever taken to date. I've never been excited to study before, but Darren and Nick's style of teaching makes it so easy to learn and understand broad concepts that I can immediately take and implement into my game.

If you want to crush poker tournaments, and want a course that you're actually excited to study, this is the course for you

Verified Customer (Early Access)


Geoff Fisk

Live Cash Game Player / Aspiring Tournament Grinder
I checked out this course as a cash game player that's looking to expand into tournament play, especially during WSOP season in Las Vegas. No matter what your background and level of experience in poker, Road to Victory is a must-have in your poker training library.
Darren and Nick cover every stage of a tournament, and you'll finish this course with a deep understanding of how your strategy should change as a tournament progresses through those different stages. Darren's tournament resume speaks for itself, but he's also amazing at explaining the concepts that have gotten him to where he is in the game. That combination of playing expertise and teaching ability is rare in the world of poker learning sites.

Verified Customer (Early Access)


Mauro G.

Tournament / Live Player

After earning my first 5-digit tournament scores thanks to Nick's previous course, I was thrilled to find out that a new course was in the works.

Darren Elias teaches how to adapt in large field tournaments with easy to learn exploitative ranges that show how to play against all types of players and situations that we can find. Meanwhile Nick keeps teaching us how to avoid mistakes against tough opposition with more refined ranges that may give us the edge. Can't wait to finish absorbing all the content for my first WSOP!

Verified Customer


Erik Miller

Tournament Grinder
I have really been enjoying the course and I have went through it several times now and will continue to do so until I feel I have a good grasp on a lot of the concepts. 
I have been playing tournaments since I started the course and I am proud to inform you that I have won 2 since. I’ve won a Rungood series event ring and took down by far the largest score of my poker career down in Philadelphia, Mississippi of $63,282. 
Thanks to the course I will have a very nice profit for the year playing poker and I plan on increasing the volume for the next year while continuing to thrive to get better.

Verified Customer


Frank S

Tournament / Live Player

I wanted to say thank you for Upswing Poker training. Since beginning my training 2023 with the Road to Victory and the Poker Lab, I've taken 1st in the 20k at the Lodge, 1st in WSOP circuit event for 50k so yay me! I've also had a 2nd, 3rd, two 11th place finishes and a handful of 20th place cashes. Since Upswing training, I'm around 40k this year. Thank you again so much!

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