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learneing modules

6 Learning Tracks that will help you learn crucial concepts and win at any No Limit Hold'em game type.

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5+ hours of new training content added every month.


439 preflop charts for online cash games, live cash games, and tournaments.


Access to our private poker group where you can get help with your strategy.

6 Learning Tracks

Choose your learning path. Master your preferred game type. Included with your Lab membership


No Limit Simplified

Poker strategy made simple. Essential viewing for beginners who want to start winning quickly.

Inside this track, you’ll learn an easy-to-implement strategy that wins in low stakes games. This strategy will be your on-ramp to more advanced strategies. By the end, you’ll be prepared for the more cutting-edge tactics taught in the remaining tracks.

30 Lessons, 23 Hours


Live Cash Game Bankroll Booster

Develop your live cash game skills and boost your hourly earnings. A must-watch for live players.

This track teaches you fundamental strategies and concepts that will help you crush your competition. You’ll also learn money-making tactics that effectively exploit players in $1/$2, $1/$3, $2/$5 and $5/$10 games. 

9 Lessons, 28 Hours


Online Cash Game Crash Course

Become an expert cash game player. Beat tough games from the comfort of your couch.

This comprehensive track will teach you winning strategies for the most consequential situations. Experienced online poker pros take you through the branches of the poker game tree, preparing you to crush your online poker site of choice.

16 Lessons, 70 Hours


Advanced Cash Game Tactics

Add cutting-edge weapons to your poker arsenal. Meant for serious players aiming for cash game supremacy.

This track takes you on a dive deep into concepts like overbetting on the flop, block betting, donk betting, and more. Taught by a small team of pros who have combined to win millions of dollars in online poker games.

10 Lessons, 27 Hours


Tournament Starter Pack

Get fundamental tournament strategies. Built for players looking to get started in tournaments.

This short track covers the must-know tournament topics, such as ICM, playing with short stacks, and 3-bet pots. These lessons, along with the Lab’s tournament preflop charts, will prepare you to build stacks and make deep runs.

6 Lessons, 17 Hours

Advanced-Tournament-Strategy v2

Advanced Tournament Strategy

Battle for big prize pools. Mandatory viewing for serious tournament players.

This incredible track is highlighted by an exclusive 2-part lesson from the player who won the WSOP Online Main Event in 2020 for $4 million. You’ll also learn solver-backed strategies for dozens of critical spots.

17 Lessons, 42 Hours




The first set of modules will teach you an effective strategy that is easy to implement into your own game. This strategy will be your strategic framework as your progress through the course and your poker journey.


Destroy your opponents with the advanced tactics and cutting-edge strategies in the later sets of modules. And learn to go the distance in tournaments with winning strategies taught to you by top tournament pros.

Game Elements


Know exactly which hands to play from all positions with charts for every common preflop situation. Then, discover when and how to deviate from the charts to maximize your earnings. 


Master a winning strategy in single raised pots and 3-bet pots, both when you are the aggressor and when you are facing action from other players. Learn tactics that will help you increase your earnings with your entire range.

Postflop wizardry

Meet Your Coaches

Meet Your Coaches

See What Other Players Had To Say After Joining Lab

Adam M

Poker Player

I think the upswing approach is far superior. You have a small number of really well known coaches and they have this solid baseline strategy for you that's very easy to implement and follow. It just sets up a theoretical foundation for your game that will make you a tough opponent no matter what game you sit in.

Dylan Samperi

Live Cash Player

I've been using the lab for the past year now and I have to say it's an incredibly great resource for myself...

It's been a really great resource for me to improve from basic strategy to actually implementing solver based strategies.

exploit your opponents
Mathias Flasch

Amateur Grinder

One year ago I posted my 50NL graph and the feedback was very positive. So now I want to share how my graph looks like one year after.

So I went back to my previous strategy, reduced the number of tables to 4 again and started to work on my mental game. And after months of grinding, I finally reached a new ATH 😁💪
(Lesson: Do not dare to question the Upswing Poker Strategies!) 😄
Once again I want to thank the Upswing Team and also you guys in this group! ♥️
Henry Kolberg

Amateur Grinder

Wanted to share this success I’ve had recently. I’ve been a member of the lab for about a year, and it has really helped my game. I’ve been playing 10nl, 25nl, and shot taking 50nl, with some success.

I recently turned 21 so I decided to take my bankroll down to Texas at The Lodge. I was in Texas for about a week, and over 30 hours of play, I won $2,200 playing $1/$2. This may not be a lot of money to some of you crushers out there, but it means a lot to me. I can’t wait to start playing live more often (the fish are terrible!)

Special thanks to Gary Blackwood, your modules and play explains are awesome, and you’ve really helped me improve my game.

Dan Ott

WSOP Final Tablist

Without the concepts I learned from Upswing Poker, I doubt I would’ve made a deep run in the WSOP Main Event. Upswing is great for players at any skill level. It is an absolute must if you are trying to improve.

Are aces face cards? Queen of hearts French
Dave Holmes

Home Game Grinder

hi All... been in the Lab a week... bought the POSTFLOP Game plan which convinced me this was the way to go
played some cash... CRUSHED
played my homegame won $170
Entered a SPIN & GO... CRUSHED... Won a $22 Satallite to sunday millions
25 villians... some taking a shot like me and im guessing PRO's who are looking for a cheap and soft entry to the tourney... CRUSHED them all....
now have a $215 seat in the millions.
brad owen bad beat 1200x630
Brad Owen

Pro Poker Player & Vlogger

...while I think a poker coach can be helpful, there's just a ton more value in joining a poker training site so if you take Upswing for example, you have one of the world's best poker players giving you a complete cash game strategy for a relatively small monthly cost. If you compare that to a good 2-5 coach, a good coach will cost 100 or more dollars per hour so for me it's kind of a no brainer.

James Y

Amateur Poker Player

I've been an active Lab member for six months and I think that a lot of the content of the membership is very useful...

...I would definitely highly recommend Upswing Poker, even if you just want to crush your friends at your home game.

WPT Logo
Jimmy Gorham
Jimmy Gorham

Semi-Pro Player

... I want to give a shout out to Upswing Poker. It's the best training site on the net. It helped my game out. It can help you.

*Jimmy Finished 2nd in this tournament to take home $56,595

Peter V

Live Cash & Tournament Player

I’ve been playing poker for the last 15 years both live and online. My game has improved massively since joining the Upswing Lab.

The course has highlighted leaks in my game and given me additional structure to direct some of my study time to these spots.

Since joining, I’ve bagged multiple live tournament wins. Many of the other modules have been worth their weight in gold, and the value in the community is immense.

Brad K.

Live Cash Player

The value of an Upswing Lab membership is such a steal.

Honestly, I feel like Upswing could be selling some of these Lab modules as premium courses for a few hundred bucks each.

I bought a $499.99 preflop product from another site and can tell you that the Advanced Preflop Module in the Lab is a lot better quality and obviously better value that you get with just a Lab membership. That's just one module and there are plenty of great ones.

Heiko Schaffer
Heiko Schaffer

Amateur Player

I joined the Upswing Lab last November and I gotta say my game improved significantly... For me, as a relatively new member, it was absolutely worth the money.

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 12.47.06 PM
Patrick Allen

Amateur Tournament Player game has improved a lot. I just came off of my biggest win of the year, an $88 tournament which I won for $7,800. If you want to get on the tables & crush, join Upswing Poker.

Joey A.
Successful Reg

Thank you very much Upswing for everything that you've done for me. Before I had my membership I was a losing player and now I can say with confidence I'm winning every day.


Bonus #1: Advanced Solver Ranges

Know you're playing every starting hand like a top cash game pro with 98 GTO-influenced preflop charts, all accessible in seconds.

The charts cover opening, playing vs an open, 3-betting, 4-betting, and more!

Ranges like this typically cost hundreds of dollars to buy, but you get them as a free bonus when you join the Upswing Lab.

379 White Version


The Advanced Solver Ranges for cash games — one of six sets of preflop charts in the Upswing Lab.

BONUS #2: Access to Private Strategy Group

When it comes to improving at poker, few things are more effective than discussing strategy with your fellow players. The members-only Upswing Poker Engage group gives you the chance to do that.

With over 3,866 members, 6 active coaches, and dozens of new posts every day, it’s easy to pop in the group to expand your knowledge of the game in a just few minutes.

Bonus #3: Advanced Tournament Ranges

With stack sizes shifting constantly, preflop play in tournaments can be very tricky...

...but the bonus Advanced Tournament Ranges will make it as easy as playing the nuts on the river.

The 82 preflop charts cover opening, 3-betting, playing vs 3-bets, and multiway spots for several different stack depths.

299 White


The Advanced Tournament Preflop Ranges



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