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Garrett Adelstein

High Stakes Poker Pro
Doug is the rare combination of someone who is extremely bright whose intelligence is superseded only by his work ethic.
His commitment to every endeavor unmatched, I would be shocked if his new course doesn’t immediately become the gold standard for mastering heads-up NL, a game I dedicated a decade of my life to.

Verified Customer
(Multiple Courses)


Dan Ott

Won $4.7 Million in WSOP Main Event (2nd Place)

Without the concepts I learned from Upswing Poker, I doubt I would have made a deep run in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Upswing is great for players at any skill level. It is very easy to build your knowledge working your way up from the free hand charts to the advanced training course all in one place.

I think Upswing Poker is an absolute must if you are trying to improve. I think every product is extremely well-priced and worth it.

Verified Customer
(Upswing Lab)

brad lab

Brad K.

Long-Time Upswing Member
The value of an Upswing Lab membership is such a steal. Honestly, I feel like Upswing could be selling some of these Lab modules as premium courses for a few hundred bucks each. I bought a $499.99 preflop product from another site and can tell you that the Advanced Preflop Module in the Lab is a lot better quality and obviously better value that you get with just a Lab membership. That's just one module and there are plenty of great ones.