Master cutting-edge strategies that will help you demolish Pot Limit Omaha games without spending 1,000 hours studying solvers.


Advanced PLO Mastery is a comprehensive training course for poker players who want to make serious money at Pot Limit Omaha.

Veteran PLO pros Chris Wehner and Dylan Weisman have condensed and compiled thousands of hours of game play, solver research, and opponent analysis to give you the most advanced Pot Limit Omaha course ever developed!


36 hours of Pot Limit Omaha theory and training videos.

Private PLO mastermind group access where you can ask questions.

21 quizzes that will help you absorb what you learn throughout the course.

Access to groundbreaking strategies from PLO solvers.

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Preflop Image - Advanced PLO Mastery

Navigate preflop play in Pot Limit Omaha like a seasoned pro with charts, heuristics, and quizzes that will help you memorize optimal ranges.

You get 12 preflop theory videos that cover:

  • Raising First In (RFI)
  • vs RFI & Blind Defense
  • 3-Betting & Squeezing
  • 4-Betting & 5-Betting
  • Playing vs 3-Bets, 4-Bets & 5-Bets

Build a winning thought process for the flop that will set you up for success on the turn and river.

You get 43 videos in the three postflop sections that cover:

  • Bet Sizing
  • Single Raised Pots
  • 3-Bet Pots
  • Turn Probe
  • Delayed C-Bet
  • Check Down Pots
  • River Bluff-Raising
  • ...and much more!
Flop Turn & River - Advanced PLO Mastery
Centralized Spotlights - Advanced PLO Mastery
Centralized Spotlights

Get easy-to-understand lessons on intricate concepts and topics.

The Centralized Spotlights section is one of the most valuable parts of the course, and it includes 13 videos covering:

  • PLO Tournament Strategy
  • Preflop Mistakes You Are Probably Making
  • Flush Completing Turns
  • Debunking Outdated Thinking
  • Range Asymmetries
  • Bias and Critical Thinking

Become a more well-rounded poker player with an ironclad mental game.

You get 9 videos covering professional fundamentals:

  • Downswings
  • Tilt Management
  • Solver Crash Course: How to Generate Heuristics
  • Awareness & Recency Bias
  • Self Love & Its Connection to Poker
Professional Fundamentals - Advanced PLO Mastery

Watch and learn as your coaches demonstrate the strategies you learn throughout the course.

You get 24 Play & Explain videos:

  • 400PLO on (4-part series)
  • 5000PLO vs Phil Galfond (7-part series)
  • 500PLO & 1000PLO Session Review (4-part series)
  • 2000PLO Session Review (6-part series)
  • 5000PLO on

Learn the Methods PLO Mastermind Chris Wehner Used to
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Chris Wehner's Ignition Graph
Chris Wehner's Ignition Graph
Chris Wehner's Ignition Stats
Chris Wehner's Ignition Stats


This course did wonders for my PLO game. It completely re-framed the way I think about the game. There are so many insightful hidden gems in this course. An absolute MUST for anyone intending to enhance their understanding and application of PLO. Overwhelming gratitude to Dylan & Chris for including me in the early access trial period.
– Pierce McKellar

Playing live I'm usually not too happy when a 10 plus big blind per hour crusher sits down at my table -- unless its Dylan Weisman. Would definitely check out the Live PLO Dominance course if he is giving away his secrets there. Playing with him was an awesome and eye-opening experience.
– Damon Wedel

I got through them all [the Professional Fundamentals videos] and they really resonated with me. I basically got more out of it then I did [working with] a mind game coach over 3 sessions. Thank you and really well done on that segment. I love that you guys did it. Its under-looked and will help a lot of people if they're attentive to it.
– Jeff Hakim

The PLO Mastery course is possibly the most thoughtful, complex and well explained study material available to the public today. The concepts and examples presented in the course will enhance your skill level and thought process regardless of the stakes you are playing. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to learn or improve their PLO game.
– Augustin C.


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