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Quickly get a proven poker strategy that will make you more money
(without having to use complex software)

Created by Doug Polk, 3-time WSOP bracelet winner and world-class player


Suited for all beginner & intermediate poker players

Doug Polk

3 Time Bracelet Winner


After Just 2 Hours Of Watching The Postflop Playbook

How to make profitable poker decisions in seconds

An easy-to-use system for placing your hands into the correct category

Crucial factors to consider before calling, betting, raising, or folding

The right action to take with each category of hand

Note: The Postflop Playbook is the revamped version of Upswing's most popular course, The Postflop Game Plan, which over 49,323 poker players have gone through. The Playbook is a more polished course that teaches an overall more modern strategy to help you win in 2023 and beyond.



Complex poker software you have to install

Time and energy intensive

A be-all, end-all, way to play poker

It is

A crash course that teaches you the foundation used by world-class No-Limit Hold'em players

The fastest, easiest way to become a winning poker player

Do not play another hand of poker without using this decision process!
The Playbook has been built…

…all you have to do is learn it!



Doug Polk

Doug has played games his whole life. His parents always taught him to think and decide for himself. Dedicated to success, he would pick something and focus his energy to make it happen. At 18, he found poker.

In 2014, he started playing in live tournaments and won his first World Series of Poker bracelet. Fast forward a few years and he's now won 3 bracelets, including the prestigious $111,111 buy-in One Drop tournament which came with a $3,686,865 payday. He also stomped Daniel Negreanu in a 25,000 heads-up match for over $1,200,000.

Needless to say, you're in good hands learning from Doug.

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See What Other Players Had to Say After Going Through the Postflop Playbook

Verified Customer


Simon H.

Superb course and thank you. Loved it and perfect amount of time for me. Bear in mind I’m a 43 year old dad with next to no free time to play/study etc so this worked really well.

Verified Customer


Anthony Warren

I loved all the content that this tool provided for me it made me think about my hands in ways I hadn't before definitely got me winning alot more hands and have more confidence in my preflop play! Thank you so much 

Verified Customer


Brian A.

I had a blast last night at The Gardens Casino. Situations were not hard to navigate through using the category theory. You have to know what type of player your up against for sure.

Set myself a $100 to $1000 challenge on a 2/3 $100-200 max buy in. Thinking maybe switch it to $10K now!

Haven't played live since COVID, bought in for $100 and walked out with $800.

I had been playing online though on Club WPT and have a loose aggressive style but was itching to get back live. Had so much fun with Cat 3...🤪

Would not have played as well without this course! Even had a couple of beers too.

Verified Customer


Mike T.

I just went through the Postflop Playbook today and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I’ve studied similar concepts on other sites, so the central ideas were familiar to me. That said, I still found a ton of value in the way you presented the information and the specific scenarios.

Overall I thought the way you presented the course was phenomenal. You were extremely clear, provided great examples, kept things simple but also added little bits of extra information along the way.

The course is an incredible value, and I’d say is a perfect length for anybody just starting poker or someone who wants to refresh themselves on core concepts.

Verified Customer


Tristan E.

It has been a very big help - I had been playing sporadically on sit and go tournaments on an online bingo site, alongside some tournaments, of which I have won a couple, and placed in the money sometimes. I also had played cash games on PokerStars, but was never really winning much.

After playing since taking your post-flop course, my win-rate has massively improved to the point where I am taking roughly 20 dollars an hour more at 0.10 - 0.25 stakes.

I am not a full-time poker player, but am enjoying the game a lot more, especially after reading articles on your site to improve my understanding of CORE concepts as well as intermediate ones. I am also getting better at identifying my mistakes and leaks and working to improve. Thank you so much for your content and your site.

What Players Had to Say About the Previous Version of the Playbook



I sound like a shill here, but the course is unbelievable. The way it teaches fundamentals is super comprehensive and understandable and they always back up their advice with solid reasoning/math. If you’re not sure about taking the full plunge, try the preflop engine.

It’s like a solid preview chunk of the lab for 7$. I bought both the preflop engine and the lab and in retrospect they’re the best poker-related purchases I’ve made.

You Can Become a Profitable Poker Player

Be the player who walks out of the poker room with more money than they came with. Play high-quality and profitable poker. Avoid potentially embarrassing rookie mistakes, including the big ones that the fake poker gurus tout as being best practices.

The choice is yours.

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