Exploit Your Opponents. Print Money.


Become An Exploitative Machine.
Identify Leaks & Destroy Your Opponents.

Elite Cash Game Exploits is an advanced training course made for poker players who want to gain a massive edge on their opponents.

Your new coach is the master of exploitative poker, Uri Peleg, a high stakes cash game player who has coached players to win millions of dollars (and won well over seven figures himself). He's condensed thousands of hours of gameplay, solver research, opponent analysis and database analysis to give you the first ever course focused exclusively on exploitative strategy.

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25 hours of exploit strategy videos backed by Uri's battle-tested approach.

Private group access where you can ask questions and discuss hands with Uri Peleg and your fellow members.

Bonus #1: The Late Position Steal App that helps you build customized open-raising strategies to counter your opponents.

Bonus #2: Instant access to 539 preflop charts (solver generated) that would cost hundreds of dollars to buy.


Exploitative Poker 101

Exploitative Poker 101

Learn the fundamentals of exploitative poker, including the 3 pillars you need to understand to effectively counter your opponents' tendencies.

Topics include Intro to Exploitative Poker, The Issues with GTO in Multiway Spots, HUDs and Player Statistics, and Hard vs Soft Exploits.


Maximize your edge before the flop with battle-tested exploitative adjustments that set you up for massive success postflop.

Uri has also included 539 of his personal preflop charts that show you exactly which hands to raise, play vs raise, 3-bet, call vs 3-bet, 4-bet, squeeze, 5-bet shove and call vs 5-bet shove. All of that for 5 different open sizes because you need to know how to react regardless of what size your opponents like to use.



Abuse your opponents with money-making tactics that work against aggressive maniacs, passive calling stations, and player types in between. The postflop section is the heart of this course and covers topics like exploiting bet sizes, c-betting strategies, player archetype drills, and more.

Play & Exploits

Uri puts his exploitative approach into practice at $1/$2, $2/$5, $5/$10, and $25/$50 so you can learn by example. He also analyzes four different player databases to show you how to leverage your own database to formulate winning counters to your opponents' strategies.

Play & Exploits



BONUS #1: Late position steal app

This one-of-a-kind tool helps you build customized opening strategies against different player types who are making mistakes preflop, allowing you to counter those mistakes effectively.



Bonus #2: Advanced Preflop ranges

Know how to play flawlessly in any spot preflop (regardless of what raise size your opponents use). You get 539 preflop ranges, all accessible in seconds with an easy-to-use chart viewer.

The charts cover open-raising, playing versus a 5-bet shove, and every common spot in between for 5 different open sizes (2x, 2.25x, 2.5x, 3x, and 3.5x).

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"‍I went from a break-even Zoom 200NL player to winning at Zoom 500NL and 1KNL, and have even started taking my first 2KNL shots."

-Paul after working with Uri Peleg

Question: If you could pick 3 people to help you get to a higher level in your poker career (who would they be)?

"I'd take Uri Peleg with me"

-Steffen 'Go0se.core' Sontheimer
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"Uri has a way of making very complex topics easy to remember and implement. Before I knew it I had doubled my win-rate and was moving up stakes very quickly, even dabbling in (and crushing!) HU, and before long I was playing NL1k-NL2k 6-max. I can't thank Uri enough for helping me take my game to an incredible level."

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"...his coaching had helped me turn from a mediocre 3bb winner into an 8bb crusher at NL100-NL400 over a sample of nearly a million hands. Becoming Uri’s student was hands down the best poker decision I’ve ever made."