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What the PLO Launch Pad Is


  • Complex software you have to install
  • Time and energy intensive
  • A be-all, end-all way to play PLO


  • The foundational strategy you’ll need to beat PLO games right away.
  • Easy to understand content.
  • Designed for low and mid-stakes players.
  • Applicable in both online and live PLO games.
  • Backed by a powerful GTO foundation that will prepare you to move up in stakes and crush.

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Who is the Coach?


Dylan Weisman

Dylan Weisman is a professional poker player and coach who has played Pot Limit Omaha for over a decade. To prove how lucrative low stakes PLO games are, Dylan successfully completed a $25,000 Bankroll Challenge in which he turned $5,000 into $25,000 in just 30 sessions

During the challenge, Dylan learned of the difficulties that relatively new PLO players deal with in their games and wanted to create a course to address those difficulties. The PLO Launch Pad is that course.


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