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Smash Live Cash is an in-depth training course made for serious cash game players. Your new coach, Nick Petrangelo, reveals the exact theory-backed strategies and exploitative tactics he and his students use to crush live cash games.

Nick has cashed for $27,000,000+ in tournaments in his career, but he’s also a dominant force in cash games. He's helped live poker players around the world crush their cash games through private coaching. Now he's revealing his winning strategies in this course.


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What You Get

25 hours of live poker strategy videos backed by Nick's in-depth research and decade of experience.

Private group access where you can ask questions and discuss hands with fellow members — Nick Petrangelo and Brad Owen will drop in from time to time too.

BONUS: Instant access to 4,808 live poker preflop charts that Nick and his team spent 250 hours and $30,000 to create.



Maximize your edge before the flop and set yourself up for postflop success. Nick reveals key adjustments you should make to your ranges based on stack depth and opponent tendencies.

Nick also included the most comprehensive set of charts you've ever seen. Quickly look up the solver-approved strategy for any spot in his Live Cash Preflop Mastersheet app. 3 stack depths. Straddle games. Ante/no ante games. High rake/no rake. Charts for a total of 4,808 unique situations are included.



Become a dominant force on the flop, turn, and river. Nicky P instills in you the theory-based strategies and exploitative tactics that you need to know to maximize your hourly in live cash games.

Single raised pots. 3-bet pots. Multiway pots. You're gonna be ready for all of them.

Multiway Pots

Become a monster when 3+ players reach the flop. Nick knows the importance of multiway pots for live poker players, so he spent months preparing in-depth training videos to help you improve your approach.


Coaching Brad Owen

Sit in on exclusive 1-on-1 coaching sessions between Nick and his most famous student.

Most of the 5+ hours of videos in this section mirror the style of Brad's poker vlogs, but with in-depth analysis from one of the world's best players.

Brad went from a $65,000 winner (in 2021) to a $140,000+ winner (in 2022 so far) after getting coached by Nick. Now, you have your chance to learn from Nick in this course just as if he was your own personal poker coach.

Play & Explains

Play & Explains

Watch and learn as Nick reviews hands from popular poker shows at a variety of stake levels, from $2/$5/$10 to $200/$400.

Play & Explains

Going Forward

Nick "teaches a man to fish" by showing you how to continuously improve your game after finishing the course.


Live Cash Preflop Mastersheet

The preflop chart app of your dreams. Nick and his team spent over 250 hours and $30,000 using powerful servers and software to generate solver-based ranges for 4,808 preflop situations.

Discover exactly how to play preflop with charts for almost every possible situation, from open-raising to squeezing to calling 5-bet shoves.

live preflop mastersheet

Every situation is covered for three different stack depths (100bb, 200bb and 400bb) and straddled pots (ante and no ante) so you never have to wonder what to do preflop. High rake games and no rake games are covered separately, so you’ll have pin-point precise ranges whether you play $1/$2 or $100/$200.

You literally can not buy something like this anywhere else.


"You know, every time I play with Nick Petrangelo or watch him play, I'm always left with the feeling that he's one of the best players in the world, for real. Always."

- High stakes pro Nick Schulman


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