High Stakes MTT Sessions with Nick Petrangelo

This Is The End Boss MTT Course


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23 Hours of Elite Session Review

Watch an elite pro grind the biggest tournaments, explaining his thoughts and strategy along the way.

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Unprecented Footage from Prestigious MTTs

You won't find extensive cards-up action like this anywhere else online.

4 In-Depth Hours

Concept Focused
Hand Review

Become an expert at multiway pots, blind vs blind play, and ICM-based adjustments.


Master underdeveloped spots that most poker players get wrong.

Multiway Pots


Make multiway pots your strength and accumulate chips.

Blind vs Blind

2019-07-03 (1)

Ravage the competition in blind versus blind confrontations.

ICM Conditions

2019-07-03 (2)

Adjust your strategy optimally based on ICM and money bubble conditions.


See how the world's best players adjust their strategy in the early, middle, and late stages of tournaments.

Small Stack

Discover tactics that will help you build stacks and avoid spewing in the early stages of tournaments. 

Med Stack

Learn how to set yourself up for deep runs in the middle stages of tournaments. 

Large Stack

Make tournament-winning adjustments based on late stage factors. 


Nick wins a $2,100 buy-in progressive knockout while showing you how to balance your prizepool-focused strategy with your bounty-focused strategy.

Gain the skills you need to close out deep runs as Nick reviews his victory in a $1,050 buy-in High Roller tournament during the 2019 SCOOP.


A Message From Nick Petrangelo

"This course is based on the method of studying I get the most out of. I recorded my entire SCOOP, where I'm 6+ tabling anything from 1k to 25k buy-in tournaments.

I did all of the hard work for you guys by looking up all the spots I wasn't sure about and filtering out the boring parts of the sessions. It's really just a bunch of footage of the action-packed segments of my sessions and what I think about them.

I also took all of the hand histories and filtered it for underdeveloped spots like multiway pots, blind vs blind postflop, and ICM-specific play. Then I riffle through all of those hands to help you get a better understanding of those spots.

I'm excited to help you improve your game."


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