Become a Crusher in Short Deck Hold'em Games

Exclusive & Comprehensive Short Deck Training
to Help You Achieve Huge Win-Rates

This comprehensive course is for poker players who want a huge edge in Short Deck Hold'em games. Your new coach, Kane Kalas, shows you step-by-step how to conquer this exciting new game type.

Tap into big potential win-rates as Kane reveals cutting-edge strategies for this relatively unsolved and misunderstood game. Only a handful of the world's poker players have this knowledge, but you can by enrolling today.


Discover an overarching strategy that wins in 6 and 9-handed Short Deck Hold'em games.

Exactly which hands to play preflop (and the best way to play them) at 50 and 100 Ante stack depths.

Profitably start new tables with strategies, tactics, and preflop ranges meant specifically for 1-on-1 Short Deck play.

A winning approach to the unique preflop ante structure of Short Deck Hold’em.

How to supercharge your win-rate by exploiting common mistakes made by No Limit Hold’em players who are new to Short Deck.

Methods used by the world’s best players in the highest stakes Short Deck games.

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You get 9 fundamental theory videos that cover crucial Short Deck concepts, including:

  • The optimal preflop approach
  • Slow-playing
  • Important vs NOT important blockers
  • Straight draws
  • Overbetting
  • ...and more!

Get the most complete preflop charts for Short Deck Hold'em on the market, painstakingly handmade by Kane, along with 16 preflop theory videos. The videos cover:

  • The 8 Preflop "Rules" of Short Deck Hold'em
  • Playing with 100 and 50 Ante stacks
  • Raising first in
  • Open-limping and limping behind
  • Shoving over limps and raises preflop
  • Calling and overcalling all-ins
  • Heads-up strategies

12 postflop theory videos! Kane covers flop and river play, as well as adjustments you can make to exploit common leaks. More specifically:

  • Flop play with strong hands, weak hands, and those in between
  • Bluffing on the river
  • Bluff-catching on the river
  • Exploiting preflop and postflop leaks
  • ...and more!

A whopping 57 videos grouped into three sections:

  • 100 and 50 Ante review (8 videos)
  • Heads-up match review (14 videos)
  • Triton high stakes hand review (35 videos)

In the Triton video series, you get insight into how the world’s best players approach the game as Kane reviews 40+ hands played by Tom Dwan, Andrew Robl, Jason Koon, Timofey “TrueTeller” Kuznetsov, and more.



Kane Kalas is a professional high stakes poker player who has played in some of the world's biggest games.

He began his poker career at age 18 and within a year was a regular in the largest cash game in the history of online poker, Rail Heaven ($500/$1000 blinds) on Full Tilt Poker. He holds the record for the largest pot ever won in a televised poker game a $2,055,000 pot he played against Jason Koon.

When he is not on the felt, you can often find Kane in poker commentary booths. In the first live streamed Short Deck series ever, Kane was the obvious choice to lead the broadcast as he had already amassed significant earnings playing Short Deck online.

Kane has a natural ability to make complex Short Deck concepts easy to understand, even to those who are brand new to the game, by drawing on concepts from No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha. His clear, theory-oriented teaching style will be an asset to Short Deck Course members.


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