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Pot Limit Omaha Pro Embarks on $25,000 Bankroll Challenge

Today’s low-mid stakes poker games are still beatable for a solid and consistent win-rate.

Pot Limit Omaha professional Dylan Weisman is determined to prove that fact, and he’s going to teach you a thing or two about PLO as he does it.

Starting this week, Dylan will attempt to turn a $5,000 bankroll into $25,000 by playing Pot Limit Omaha on WSOP.com.

The entirety of the $25,000 PLO Bankroll Challenge will be streamed on Dylan’s Twitch channel.

Let’s go over the rules of the challenge so you can follow along at home.

(Dylan and high stakes PLO beast Chris Wehner are the instructors of the upcoming Advanced PLO Mastery course, which is coming to Upswing Poker in early March. Check out Chris & Dylan’s first strategy video here.)

$25,000 PLO Bankroll Challenge Rules

1. $5,000 starting bankroll.

2. The challenge ends when the bankroll hits $25,000 or $0.

3. All hands will be played on WSOP.com.

4. Every time the bankroll hits 15 buy-ins for the next stake level, Dylan is allowed to take a 5 buy-in “shot” at the next stake level.

Example: If the bankroll reaches $7,500, Dylan can play $2.50/$5. If the bankroll dips back below $5,000, Dylan must move back down to $1/$2.

5. Shots can be played at the same time as smaller stakes tables.

6. If the bankroll ever goes below 10 buy-ins at the current stake level, Dylan must move down in stakes. 

Example: If the bankroll falls to $2,000, Dylan must move down to $0.50/$1 until he gets back to $3,000, at which point he can take a 5 buy-in shot at $1/$2.

Improve Your PLO Strategy Right Now

Dylan just released a new video to help you avoid common preflop mistakes in PLO. Watch it below.

Keep an eye out for more content from Dylan and Chris.

And tune into the $25,000 PLO Bankroll Challenge this week on Dylan’s stream here.

Home > Pot Limit Omaha Pro Embarks on $25,000 Bankroll Challenge
Home > Pot Limit Omaha Pro Embarks on $25,000 Bankroll Challenge
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