Meet The Upswing Poker Pros
Dylan Weisman -"iheartco0kie"

dylan weisman plo challenge
Dylan in the 25k PLO event at the WSOP

Dylan has been playing poker professionally in some capacity since he was 16, when he started playing to help support his family with earnings from playing online. He was a regular in the mid stakes HUPLO streets on Full Tilt and PokerStars pre-Black Friday, until the lights got turned off.

Black Friday had a very positive affect on Dylan’s Poker career (one of the few), as it forced him to focus on college (where he studied probability theory at UCSB) and become more in tune with the non-game theory aspects of what it takes to be a solid poker professional (such as self knowledge, self-care, emotional control, and life sustainability).

His later years of college were filled with grinding mid-high stakes live PLO throughout Southern California and teaching in Vietnam. Post college, he moved to Chicago to pursue a career in analytics and business intelligence. Once again the non-poker world around him helped to turn Dylan into a more well-rounded poker player, and eventually led to a return to poker as a full time profession.

In the past 18 months Dylan has grinded from $2/$4 to $10/$20 online, and he’s played in the largest live PLO cash games in Las Vegas. His hybridized playstyle combines the most recent game theory from Monker Solver with experience and intuition built over a decade of poker experience. His other focus is on teaching proper mental game fundamentals using tools and strategies learned from his non-poker ventures.

Dylan has a passion for helping people learn. His background in education and non-poker related professions allows him a unique insight into teaching methodologies that have the ability to strongly impact any poker player. Combine that with some absolutely beast PLO skills, and you have a formidable coach that Upswing is proud to have on the roster.

Dylan is the guest instructor of the Advanced PLO Mastery course.

You can reach out to Dylan for private PLO coaching on his website.