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Moritz Dietrich -"MuckCallOK"

moritz dietrich hiking

My name is Mo (Moritz Dietrich). I'm 27 years of age and I'm happy to be part of this team of pros around Doug and Ryan! After school I decided to study mathematics, but quit after 2 years because I found so much success in poker.

I first played poker at the end of 2009 with $10 that I received as a Christmas gift from my brother. Unlike all of the beautiful stories you've heard from pros about using their first few dollars to go from micro-stakes to high-stakes, I wasn't able to make that transition as cleanly and had to "invest" some money. 

I quickly realized that poker wasn't going to be as easy as my childhood Monopoly career --- I had to work to beat the stakes I was playing. I started reading poker books, studying theory, and talking to other players to become better.

At an early point in my career I decided to focus on MTTs --- not only because of the thrill and money involved in tournament deep runs --- but also because most players I knew played them so I had access to good content. Luckily, I was able to grind up my bankroll and managed to reach mid-stakes within two years (2011-2013) after taking poker more serious.

I was eager to learn and improve but, since there were not many training sites and softwares, I decided to look for a coaching deal that would qualify me for the higher stakes. When browsing for coaches I was fortunate enough to become one of Doug's students (2014-2015) and that was when I experienced professionalism in poker like never before.

moritz dietrich graph

My 2018-present graph

From then on I have further on increased my skill and also my stakes --- both live and online: I very actively played high-stakes live MTTs from 2014 to 2018, final tabling WPT, EPT and WSOP events!

Talking poker and receiving coaching from others has always played an important role in my career, so I'd like to return that favour as a coach in the Upswing Lab.

In my theoretical videos I will focus on tournament spots where I feel like a lot of players have a hard time figuring out good ways to play their range. My Play & Explains will be live session recordings of high-stakes MTT sessions or analyses of deep tournament runs.

Apart from the tables I'm a hiking junkie and enjoy diving, so most of the time I'm traveling nowadays is for either of the two. Both are very time consuming hobbies, but worth every second 🙂

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