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Sneak Peek at the New Short Deck Course with Kane Kalas

Meet the latest elite pro to join the Upswing team: Kane Kalas.

Kane is a high stakes crusher who has played in some of the world’s biggest games. You may know him as the winner of a record-breaking $2 million pot.

For the past 6 months, Kane has been working tirelessly on a comprehensive Short Deck Hold’em course to help beginners and advanced players alike master this exciting new game type.

That course is finally available and you can get it right here.

We’re going to walk you through the course and show you a couple “sneak peek” clips in this article, but first, let’s hear what Kane has to say about it

As he says in the video, Kane does not hold back in this course. He’s included everything you need to start crushing Short Deck games, from in-depth preflop charts to advanced postflop strategies.

Without further ado, onto the walkthrough.

Sneak Peek Clips

Kane’s experience in poker commentary booths really shows in this course. Watch the sneak peek clips below to preview his crystal clear teaching style.

In the first clip, Kane goes over some general ideas you should know before trying your hand at Short Deck Hold’em

And in the next clip, Kane reviews a couple of heads-up hands he played online.

Now, let’s go video by video so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Short Deck Course Walkthrough

Kane’s 27 hour course is divided into four main sections with ten subsections:

  • Short Deck Fundamentals
  • Preflop
    • Preflop Rules
    • 100 Ante Preflop
    • 50 Ante Preflop
    • Heads-Up Preflop
  • Postflop
    • Flop Hand Strength
    • River Play
    • Adjustments
  • Play & Explains (57 videos)
    • 6-Handed
    • Heads-Up
    • Triton High Stakes Review

Short Deck Fundamentals (9 videos)

Length: 1.5 hours

This section sets up your strategic framework for the rest of the course.

  • The Rules of Short Deck Hold’em
  • Play More Hands and Open Raise Less
  • Equities Run Close and Don’t Slowplay!
  • Overbetting
  • Important Blockers Parts 1-2
  • NOT Important Blockers
  • Why Straight Draws Are More Important
  • Adjustments for Different Short Deck Variations

Preflop (19 videos)

Length: 4 hours

The preflop section is accompanied by the most complete preflop charts for Short Deck Hold’em on the market, which were painstakingly handmade by Kane. There are separate charts for 50 Ante, 100 Ante, and heads-up play.

Here’s the list of preflop videos:

  • Preflop Rules Parts 1-3
  • 100 Ante Chart: Open Limping
  • 100 Ante Chart: Limping Behind
  • 100 Ante Chart: Hijack Raise vs UTG
  • 100 Ante Chart: Hijack Raise vs Other Positions
  • 100 Ante Chart: Cutoff Raise
  • 100 Ante Chart: Button Raise
  • 100 Ante Chart: Calling Opens
  • 100 Ante Chart: Shoving Over Opens
  • How the 50 Ante Chart Was Developed
  • 50 Ante Chart: UTG and How to Approach Limping
  • 50 Ante Chart: All Other Positions
  • 50 Ante Chart: Calling All-In
  • 50 Ante Chart: Overcalling
  • Heads-Up: First to Act
  • Heads-Up: Facing Limp In Position
  • Heads-Up: Facing Raise In Position

Postflop (12 videos)

Length: 5.5 hours

The postflop section will help you better understand relative hand strength, river play, and exploitative adjustments in Short Deck.

  • Flop Play
  • Straights and Sets
  • Bottom Set and Two Pair
  • Overpairs and Top Pair-Top Kicker
  • Top/Middle Pair Plus Draw
  • Bottom Pair Plus Draw
  • Nut Flush Draw
  • Nut Flush Draw on Monotone Board
  • Draws
  • Choosing Bluffs Parts 1-3
  • When to Bluff-Catch Part 1 (Absolute Value)
  • When to Bluff-Catch Part 2 (Blocking Value)
  • When to Bluff-Catch Part 3 (Anti-Blocking)
  • Exploiting Preflop Leaks Parts 1-2
  • Exploiting Postflop Leaks Parts 1-3
  • How to Quantify the Stakes

Play & Explains (57 videos)

Length: 17 hours

A whopping 57 videos that feature Kane’s analysis over Short Deck hands.

  • 100 Ante joomorrow Review Parts 1-4
  • 50 Ante joomorrow Review Parts 1-4
  • Heads-Up: No Slowplay
  • Heads-Up: Overbet Shove
  • Heads-Up: Top Set
  • Heads-Up: Flop Lead
  • Heads-Up: OOP Lead Range
  • Heads-Up: Preflop Raise Size Exploits
  • Heads-Up: Bluff Shove with Two Pair
  • Heads-Up: Choosing River Bet Size
  • Heads-Up: When to 4-Bet Shove AQ
  • Heads-Up: Nut Flush Draw
  • Heads-Up: AQs 200+ Antes Deep
  • Heads-Up: Action Boards 200+ Antes Deep
  • Heads-Up: When to Raise a Gutshot on Flop
  • Heads-Up: Strong Hand with a Range Advantage

The Triton High Stakes hand review makes up the rest of the Play & Explain section. Click below to see that list of videos.

How Tom Dwan Plays Short Deck

Length: 2.5 hours

In this bonus mini-course, Kane breaks down Dwan’s unorthodox strategy, focusing primarily on the adjustments he makes to exploit his opponents.

  • Intro and First Few Hands
  • 25-50 Ante Play
  • 75 Ante Play
  • 100 Ante Play Part 1
  • 100 Ante Play Part 2
  • 100 Ante Play Part 3
  • 100 Ante Play Part 4
  • Final Few Hands Part 1
  • Final Few Hands Part 2

Each video is accompanied by written content from Kane that covers the exploitative adjustments Dwan used in that video.

Final Thoughts

If you have any interest in playing Short Deck Hold’em at a competitive level, Kane’s course is for you.

The course costs $999 for lifetime access. Get the Short Deck Course here >>

Home > Sneak Peek at the New Short Deck Course with Kane Kalas
Home > Sneak Peek at the New Short Deck Course with Kane Kalas
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