How to Play Nine-Seven Suited in Cash Games

nine-seven suited

Nine-Seven suited is a fun hand. With it’s straight and flush potential, you tend to have a lot of room to maneuver after the flop. But there are potential pitfalls — namely, playing it in the wrong situations — that you must avoid if you value your chips. In this article, I am going to…

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3 Easily Understood Poker Tactics That Will Make You Money in 2024

3 poker tactics

If you want to add a few money-making poker tactics to your game, read on. Poker strategy has advanced a lot in the past 8 years (thanks to the widespread use of solvers). It’s simply never been easier to gain a deep understanding of the mechanics of the game. But working with tools like solvers…

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Doug Polk’s Wildest Poker Session Yet is a Whirlwind of Emotions

doug polk wild session

The high-stakes livestream game at The Lodge Card Club this past Sunday was epic, to say the very least. Upswing Poker founder and Lodge co-owner Doug Polk joined the fray for a night of poker that began at $25/$50 stakes, and escalated to $100/$200/$400 by the end of the night. Lodge Live stream watchers were…

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$127,165 Madness! 3 Players Move All-In in High Stakes Game (Analysis)

3way allin high stakes

It’s not very often you see a multiway all-in at high stakes cash game… let alone an online high stakes cash game. But we’re going to be looking at one today between Wiktor “Limitless” Malinowski, Manuel Saavedra, and the mysterious player “ARTdirector”. The blinds are $200/$400 and the effective stack is around $40,000. Yeah, this…

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Trapping Top Pair with $751,073 On The Line (Final Table EPT London)

king-queen offsuit trap

You’re at the final table of the EPT London Main Event. You’ve already outlasted over 700 players in the 5K buy-in tournament, and just 7 more stand in your way of winning over $750K. You raise preflop with King-Queen offsuit and get one call. The flop is Queen-high. Are you betting or checking? Upswing’s Precision…

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Can You Exploit These 3 Poker Players?

alex vuilleumier's exploit poker quiz

Ready to test your exploitative poker skills? Upswing Poker’s newest course, titled Precision Poker, comes from the mind of chess champion turned high stakes poker pro Alex Vuilleumier. An International Master in chess and a WSOP bracelet winner in poker, Alex brings a fresh approach to studying poker that focuses on building your own game…

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How to Exploit Weak 3-Bettors (AKA Most Poker Players)

exploit weak 3-bettors

Upswing Poker’s newest course presents a fresh approach to poker from chess champion turned poker pro Alex Vuilleumier. In this article/video, Alex shares one of his favorite and most effective exploits: exploiting players who don’t 3-bet often enough. He also teaches you a simple method to leverage a node locking with the Rocket Solver free…

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Play Monotone Flops Like a Pro! (New Lab Module)

monotone flops poker strategy

Have you ever wondered whether that monotone flop is better for you or for your opponent? Who has more flushes? Who has more nut flush draws? What sizings should you use to c-bet?  In this new cash game module, Tim Jenkins helps Upswing Lab members understand: How to play monotone flops as the preflop aggressor…

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3 Things That Shocked This Chess Master Turned Poker Pro

what shocked Alexandre Vuilleumier from chess to poker

The newest course in the Upswing Poker library comes from a chess master turned high stakes poker pro. Alex Vuilleumier achieved the title of International Master and a rating as high as 2400 in competitive chess. In poker, Vuilleumier is a WSOP bracelet winner, with a resume that includes more than $2.2 million in tournament…

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How to Win More Pots with Delayed C-Bets

delayed c-bet continuation strategy

Every skilled poker player has the c-bet (short for “continuation bet”) in their arsenal. C-betting capitalizes on two crucial facts: The preflop aggressor usually has the strongest range of any player in the […]

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How to Play Five-to-a-Straight Boards Like a Pro

five straight boards

Boards with five cards to the straight can be quite confusing to play. But fear not! In this article, I am going to break down what makes these boards special and how you should play them. I’ll be leveraging Upswing Poker’s upcoming tool (the Lucid GTO Trainer) to demonstrate how a GTO player would approach…

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Master Common Poker Exploits With This New Upswing Lab Module!

exploit your opponents

Upswing Lab coach and all-around crusher Tim Jenkins is back with an easy-to-watch module on exploiting your opponents!  In this module, Tim shows Upswing Lab members the top exploits he’s used to make hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout his poker career. Whether you think your opponents are too aggressive, too passive, call too much,…

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The Mistake Poker Players Make When C-Betting

big c-bet mistake

Range betting, or betting 100% of the time, can be a powerful tool. It exploits players who fold too often and don’t raise often enough — and that describes the vast majority of all poker players. However, far too often, players who discover the power of range betting will make the mistake of doing it…

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How to Play King-Ten Offsuit In Cash Games

king-ten offsuit

I’m not going to BS you here… King-Ten offsuit is a mediocre hand. But it’s still worth playing in certain situations. If you have the right strategy and wait for good spots, you are certain to turn a profit with this hand in the long run. Helping you do just that will be the focus…

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What Is Pot Control & Why Does It Matter?

pot control

You’ve probably heard the poker term pot control before. If you want to know what it means and why it matters, read on. This article covers: What is Pot Control? Why Should You Pot Control? How Important Pot Controlling is for Poker Players I will also give you some concrete examples of when you should…

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