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A 3.7 Million Dollar River Card at the WSOP (Hand Analysis)

It’s the 2017 WSOP One Drop final table and just two players remain. The $3,686,865 up top is going to either Upswing Poker’s own Doug Polk or high stakes pro Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier. 

Doug is sitting on a stack of 37.6 million chips (47bb) while Elky has 27.4 million chips (34bb). Doug is on the button and posts the small blind of 400k and Elky posts the 800k big blind. 

(Note: the stream of this final table mistakenly showed the blinds at 300k/600k.)


Doug is dealt Q♣ J and opens the action with a raise to 1.9 million. ElkY defends his big blind with J♠ T♣. The pot is 4 million.


The flop is dealt J♣ T♠ 4. ElkY checks to Doug who continuation bets 2 million chips. ElkY check-raises to 6.2 million and Doug calls.


The dealer turns the 8, making the board J♣ T♠ 4 8. The pot is 16.45 million chips.

ElkY bets 8.8 million (leaving just over 10 million chips behind) and Doug makes the call.


The river brings the Q making the final board J♣ T♠ 4 8 Q. The pot is 34 million chips and ElkY decides to check.

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Doug checks back on the river and scoops the pot with his superior two pair. He went on to win the tournament, which was recorded for a vlog on his YouTube channel (watch that vlog here).

Final Thoughts

Even when Doug and Ryan Fee analyzed this hand for the Upswing Lab, they didn’t completely agree. It goes to show, poker is a game that is far from being solved!

Would you have played this hand differently in either players’ shoes? Let us know in the comments!

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Home > A 3.7 Million Dollar River Card at the WSOP (Hand Analysis)
Home > A 3.7 Million Dollar River Card at the WSOP (Hand Analysis)
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