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fold equity strategy

What is Fold Equity and Why Does it Matter?

By Dan B. / April 1, 2024
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overbet allin 4-bet preflop

The Wild Tactic Poker Pros Use to Make More Money in Cash Games

By Dan B. / March 29, 2024
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ace-two suited

How to Play Ace-Two Suited in Cash Games

By Dan B. / March 26, 2024
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doug vs bill

Retired Poker Pro Hits Full House vs Billionaire ($322,400 Pot)

By Dan B. / March 19, 2024
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low suited jacks

How to Play Low Suited Jacks in Cash Games (J8s–J2s)

By Dan B. / March 15, 2024
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bet sizing tips

3 Bet Sizing Tips That Will Help Your Game (from Lucid GTO)

By Dan B. / March 11, 2024
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limitless vs linus

Millionaire Poker Pro Gets Tricky With Pocket Aces in $116,668 Pot (Analysis)

By Dan B. / March 5, 2024
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nine-seven suited

How to Play Nine-Seven Suited in Cash Games

By Dan B. / March 1, 2024
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3way allin high stakes

$127,165 Madness! 3 Players Move All-In in High Stakes Game (Analysis)

By Dan B. / February 20, 2024
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five straight boards

How to Play Five-to-a-Straight Boards Like a Pro

By Dan B. / January 26, 2024
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linus traps aces

World’s Best Cash Game Player Sets the Trap with Pocket Aces ($95,600 Pot Analysis)

By Dan B. / January 19, 2024
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king-ten offsuit

How to Play King-Ten Offsuit In Cash Games

By Dan B. / January 12, 2024
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pot control

What Is Pot Control & Why Does It Matter?

By Dan B. / January 9, 2024
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quads vs linus

Flopped Quads vs LLinusLLove ($194,718 Pot Analysis)

By Dan B. / December 8, 2023
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snowball and increase poker winnings

How to Snowball Your Winnings vs Bad Poker Players

By Dan B. / December 4, 2023
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six five suited

How to Play Six-Five Suited In Cash Games

By Dan B. / December 1, 2023
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