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Ryan “pokerwithriske” Riske Joins the Upswing Poker Team

Upswing Poker’s ever-growing roster of world-class coaches just added another cash game crusher.

Ryan Riske joins the Upswing team of poker pros with a proven record of success in some of the world’s toughest online cash games. Subscribers to Ryan’s “pokerwithriske” Twitch channel have been watching Riske crush the games on PokerStars for the better part of the last few years.

Riske comes to the Upswing team with the aim of sharing his roadmap to success with members of the Upswing Poker Lab.

Upswing Lab members can look forward to the teachings of an elite cash game player. Riske’s 2020 graph looks like this:

That’s $211,000 in profit over 600,000 hands in the course of the year, mostly at 500 and 1000NL stakes. Riske’s commitment to poker study, along with his work ethic, puts him among the world’s top mid-stakes online cash game players.

Riske regularly streams his sessions from the 500NL Zoom pool. PokerStars regulars know the screen name ‘Ristokat’ well, as Riske has persisted as one of the most consistently successful players on the site for years.

In addition to his cash game grind, Riske also stakes and coaches aspiring players. Upswing Lab members can look forward to the opportunity to include themselves among Riske’s students in the coming weeks.

Riske’s teachings will be focused on cash game modules and Play & Explains for the Upswing Lab. You can find the first of Riske’s training materials in the Upswing Lab right now.

Upswing Poker continues to add to its world-class team of poker coaches. Riske is the latest addition to that roster, and Upswing Lab subscribers can look forward to exclusive content from Riske going forward.

Note: Join the Lab now to watch Ryan’s first video!

Home > Ryan “pokerwithriske” Riske Joins the Upswing Poker Team
Home > Ryan “pokerwithriske” Riske Joins the Upswing Poker Team
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