Straight Flush Draw vs Daniel Negreanu ($100,000 Duel Hand Analysis)

doug polk vs daniel negreanu high stakes duel hand

Straight Flush Draw vs Daniel Negreanu ($100,000 Duel Hand Analysis)

Doug and his longtime heads-up coach Fabian Adler have been working on a new course called The End Boss System for the last few months.

The End Boss System is literally guaranteed to be a game-changer for you. The course focuses on heads-up strategy, but the concepts and mechanics you learn will help you succeed in any No Limit Hold'em game type.

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As we approach the October 9th launch of The End Boss System, Doug is releasing in-depth hand analyses videos every Friday, starting with this hand he played against Daniel Negreanu in a $100k buy-in Heads-Up Duel (basically a deep stacked sit and go).

Note: If you'd prefer watching to reading, check out Doug's video above.


The blinds are 200/400. Doug starts the hand with 93,600 chips in his stack and Daniel has him covered with 106,400.

Doug raises to 1,000 with 5c 4c. Daniel 3-bets to 4,000 with As Jd. Doug calls.

Note: The End Boss System will include preflop charts for every heads-up situation at 100bb, 200bb, 300bb and 400bb stacks. There are different sets of charts for each raise size, so you'll be prepared to respond to any open size, 3-bet size and 4-bet size.


The flop falls Ad 7c 3c with 8,000 in the pot.

Daniel bets 4,000. Doug raises to 12,000. Daniel calls.


The turn is the (Ad 3c) Ks. There's 32,000 in the pot and Doug has 77,600 behind.

Daniel checks with his As Jd. Doug bets 21,000 with his 5c 4c. Daniel calls.


The 2c on the river completes a board of Ad 7c 3c Ks 2c. There's 74,000 in the pot.

Daniel checks. Doug goes all-in for 56,600.

Let's go ahead and see what he does.


Check out the next hand analysis video from Doug here!

And be sure to join the waiting list for The End Boss System if you want to take your poker game to a higher level on October 9th.

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Home > Straight Flush Draw vs Daniel Negreanu ($100,000 Duel Hand Analysis)
Home > Straight Flush Draw vs Daniel Negreanu ($100,000 Duel Hand Analysis)
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