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Great Poker Players Will 10/10 This Cash Game Quiz

Ready to put your poker skills to the test?

This quiz will present you with 10 hypothetical cash game situations. Your goal is to choose the best action* in each situation.

*When playing poker, sometimes you will have information on your opponents that will sway your decisions. In this quiz, assume you have no such information.

After each question, you’ll see a pop up that explains the correct answer so you can improve your skills as you progress through the quiz.

You’ll get a No Limit Hold’em starting hand based on your final score. Be sure to let me know in the comments which hand you got!

Note: All questions and answers were taken straight from the new Lucid GTO Cash Game Trainer, a tool that lets you practice countless cash game situations. (We’re adding Spin & Gos and tournaments to it soon as well.)


What’d you score? And which starting hand did you get?

Let me know in the comments below.

I’m also curious to read what you think of this quiz generally. This is a new format using a new quiz app and I’m very open to feedback that I can implement into future quizzes.

Feel free to share your score/feedback with me directly on Twitter (@mbradycf). I will respond.

Thanks for stopping by!

Note: I built this quiz by playing a session with the Lucid GTO Cash Game Trainer. I basically just noted the interesting hands I played and put them in this quiz for you. Check out the new GTO Trainer for yourself here!


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Home > Great Poker Players Will 10/10 This Cash Game Quiz
Home > Great Poker Players Will 10/10 This Cash Game Quiz
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