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Graduate student trying to make money in poker so that I don't end up having to drive Knish's truck.

hellmuth vs negreanu

Hellmuth Crushes Negreanu’s Soul with 8♣ 3♣ (Analysis by Polk & Negreanu)

By Patrick Harvey / July 23, 2021
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phil ivey insights

4 Poker Career-Changing Insights I Learned from Phil Ivey

By Patrick Harvey / June 15, 2021
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allinpav mental game tips

4 Tournament Mindset Tips for Poker Success (ft. ALLinPAV)

By Patrick Harvey / May 18, 2021
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Doug Polk Flops a Straight vs Phil Hellmuth — And Lays It Down?!

By Patrick Harvey / March 9, 2021
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Doug vs Daniel Challenge Graph

Doug Polk Reveals His Graph vs Negreanu (with Red/Blue/EV Lines)

By Patrick Harvey / February 18, 2021
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baddest beats polk vs negreanu

10 Baddest (& Biggest) Beats from Polk vs Negreanu at $200/$400

By Patrick Harvey / February 5, 2021
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10 Bonus Beats from Polk vs Negreanu

By Patrick Harvey / February 5, 2021
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doug vs daniel biggest bluffs

The 10 Biggest Bluffs from Polk vs Negreanu at $200/$400

By Patrick Harvey / January 29, 2021
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best poker strategy articles

The 100 Most Valuable Poker Strategy Articles for 2021

By Patrick Harvey / January 27, 2021
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doug polk reddit ama

Top 10 Questions from Doug Polk’s “Ask Me Anything”

By Patrick Harvey / December 18, 2020
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How Upswing Member Ryan Ko Won $104,202 in WSOP Event

By Patrick Harvey / December 4, 2020
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doug analyzes hands vs negreanu

Doug Polk Explains Five $105,976+ Pots He Played vs Daniel Negreanu

By Patrick Harvey / December 1, 2020
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We’re Slashing Prices for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

By Patrick Harvey / November 20, 2020
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The 10 Biggest Pots From The Polk vs Negreanu Challenge (So Far)

By Patrick Harvey / November 13, 2020
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doug polk vs daniel negreanu

Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu: $200/$400 Grudge Match Rules

By Patrick Harvey / October 27, 2020
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Stephen Chidwick

UK Poker: Best United Kingdom Poker Sites & Players

By Patrick Harvey / October 7, 2020
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