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We’re Slashing Prices for Black Friday & Cyber Monday [25% Off]

Have you considered upgrading your poker skills with one of Upswing’s best-selling courses?

It’s time to get off the fence because we’re slashing prices by 25% for Black Friday!

Every course and tool on the site will be 25% off, including the Upswing Lab, Nick Petrangelo’s tournament courses, Alex “Kanu7” Millar’s advanced cash game course, and more. Keep scrolling to learn about each of your options!

The sale begins on Thursday, November 25th and will expire on Monday, November 29th at midnight.

The Upswing Lab

lab coaches black friday sale

You save between $25 and $175 depending on your subscription plan.

Great for low and mid-stakes cash game and tournament players, the Upswing Lab is an extensive No Limit Hold’em training course that is updated every week.

Lab members are taught by an elite roster of coaches including Doug Polk, David “MissOracle” Yan, and Twitch favorite Hristivoje “ALLinPAV” Pavlovic.

What you get:

  • 85+ learning modules that will help you learn crucial concepts and win.
  • 290+ “Play & Explain” videos so you can watch your coaches play.
  • 439 preflop charts for online cash games, live cash games, and tournaments.
  • Access to the members-only poker group where you can get help with your strategy.

Lab coaches have been adding new content to the course for almost 6 years, and you get access to all of it when you join.

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Winning Poker Tournaments with Nick Petrangelo

You save $250.

Meant for serious tournament players, Winning Poker Tournaments is an advanced training course with cutting-edge strategies explained by one of the world’s best.

What you get:

  • 15 hours of video training on tournament strategy, theory, and dynamics.
  • Nick’s personal Preflop Mastersheet, which contains 250+ charts for 6 different stack depths.
  • 22 “Play & Explain” videos in which Nick demonstrates his strategy.

Nick is widely regarded as one of the best live and online tournament players in the world, and he doesn’t hold back in this course.

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The PLO Launch Pad with Dylan Weisman

plo launch pad

You save $25.

Become a winner at Pot Limit Omaha fast with the course that can help any player become comfortable and confident playing the Great Game.

What you get: 8+ hours of video training on Pot Limit Omaha strategy, theory, and dynamics.

Dylan is a phenomenal PLO player who won his first World Series of Poker bracelet in a $1k PLO event this year. He makes the complex game simple to learn in this course.

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Advanced Cash Game Mastery with Alex “Kanu7” Millar

You save $250.

Taught by one of the world’s best cash game players, this course provides a solver-based strategy that you can easily shape your game around.

What you get:

  • 36 hours of extremely thoroughly-researched cash game theory videos
  • Private group access where you can ask questions and discuss hands with your coach and other members
  • Instant access to 286 solver-generated preflop ranges that would cost hundreds of dollars to buy

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Advanced PLO Mastery with Dylan Weisman and Chris Wehner

You save $250.

This is the most comprehensive course ever created about the great game of Pot Limit Omaha.

What you get:

  • 36 hours of Pot Limit Omaha theory and training videos
  • Private PLO mastermind group access where you can ask questions
  • Access to groundbreaking strategies from PLO solvers
  • 21 quizzes that will help you absorb what you learn throughout the course

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Advanced Heads-Up Course with Doug Polk

You save $250.

Join Doug Polk as he shows you his secrets for heads-up poker.

Note that this course is great for non heads-up players as well because understanding wide-range situations applies to all forms of poker. In fact, WSOP Main Event runner-up Dan Ott took this course and “doubts [he] would have made a deep run” without it.

What you get:

  • 80 “how-to” videos on heads-up strategy.
  • In-depth preflop ranges for all heads-up situations.
  • 11 “Play & Explain” videos in which Doug battles Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky at $100/$200 blinds.

Doug is known for his clear and concise teaching style, and he will help you take your poker skills to another level in this course.

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Mixed Games with Jake Abdalla

You save $250.

Great for mixed and limit game players, Mixed Games Mastery is a comprehensive course covering 5 of the most common and important game types: Razz, Stud, Stud 8, Omaha 8, and 2-7 Triple Draw.

What you get: 101 videos covering limit mixed game strategy.

Learning from Jake Abdalla means you are learning from one of the most feared mixed games players in the world.

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Short Deck Course with Kane Kalas

You save $250.

This comprehensive course is for poker players who want a huge edge in the new and exciting game of Short Deck Hold’em.

What you get:

  • 11 hours of video training on Short Deck strategy and theory.
  • Short Deck Preflop Mastersheets that show you exactly how to play preflop.
  • 57 “Play & Explain” videos in which Kane analyzes Short Deck hands.

Kane has a natural ability to make complex Short Deck concepts easy to understand, even to those who are brand new to the game, by drawing on concepts from No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.

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High Stakes MTT Sessions

You save $250.

Great for intuitive learners, High Stakes MTT Sessions is an advanced tournament course with a strict focus on hand and session review — no solvers are used in the content.

What you get: 23 hours of video training on advanced tournament strategy and dynamics.

This course presents a rare chance to peek behind the curtain as an elite player grinds high stakes tournaments. If you’re a tournament player who prefers to learn by example, Nick created this course for you.

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PLO Matrix

You save $12.

The PLO Matrix is a cutting-edge preflop tool for Pot Limit Omaha that shows you how to play any starting hand with two clicks.

Preflop mistakes are death by a thousand cuts in PLO. Overlooking small errors is easy to do, but they add up to a huge loss in winnings. After you spend just a little time in the Matrix you will start to eliminate these mistakes.

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Poker Personality Quiz

If you aren’t sure which course is right for you, take Upswing’s poker personality quiz below. Remember, this 25% off Black Friday sale will end on Monday, December 2nd!


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Home > We’re Slashing Prices for Black Friday & Cyber Monday [25% Off]
Home > We’re Slashing Prices for Black Friday & Cyber Monday [25% Off]
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