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check-raise strategy quiz

Check-Raise Strategy Quiz — Are Your Check-Raising Skills Razor Sharp?

Do you have sweet check-raising skills? Do your opponents shake with fear before firing a c-bet?

Let’s find out! 

For each question, assume you have no solid reads on your opponent. And make sure you share your score at the end!

Note: Just because an answer is ‘wrong’ doesn’t mean it’s a losing play. It means that, by comparison, that play either has less expected value (EV) or should be used less frequently than the other option(s).

Question #1 

Online $0.50/$1. 6-Handed. Effective Stacks $100.00.

Hero is in the BB with 7 6
3 folds. Button (BU) raises to $2.5. SB folds. Hero calls.

Flop ($5.5): T♠ 9 5
Hero checks. BU bets $4.1. Hero...?

You hold a monster draw with 33.4% equity against even the top of the BU’s range, which is a set of Tens. With so much equity, the best course of action is to pour as much money into the pot as quickly as possible, just as you would with the nuts, so that you win a bigger pot on average. Another benefit of raising is that you fold out some hands that had decent equity either on the flop or on later streets.

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