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Record-Breaking $438,900 Pot on Live at the Bike (Analysis)

You’re about to read analysis of a hand played just last week between Live at the Bike staple Andy and a recreational player named Jacky.

The pot settled just under $439,000 and, spoiler alert, it was not a chop — only one of the players took home the 2.2 Lamborghini pot (a new Live at the Bike record).

With any further ado let’s dive into the action!


The blinds are $100/$100/$200/$400 and Andy raises to $1,300 in the Cut Off with Q♣ T, Garrett Adelstein 3-bets to $4,800 on the Button with A♣ K♣, and Jacky cold-calls in the Big Blind with 9 9♣. Andy calls as well.


The flop is dealt Q 9♠ 6 and the effective stack is $179,400.

Everyone checks.


The dealer burns and turns the Q, making the board Q 9♠ 6 Q. The pot is still $15,300.

Jacky bets $8,000, Andy raises to $19,300, Garrett folds, Jacky tanks a bit, and 3-bets to $55,000. Andy calls without much delay.


The river comes the 9, making the board Q 9♠ 6 Q 9.

Jacky checks, Andy bets $70,000, Jacky raises all-in and Andy snap calls.

Final Thoughts

A pretty epic hand is in the books. Both players could have taken better lines, but let’s keep in mind  they are mere humans and, when playing for life-changing sums of money in the span of minutes, it’s impossible to not have a certain level of emotional decision making involved.

That’s all for this hand analysis! I hope you’ve learned something new from it.

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Good luck at the tables, guys and gals!

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Home > Record-Breaking $438,900 Pot on Live at the Bike (Analysis)
Home > Record-Breaking $438,900 Pot on Live at the Bike (Analysis)
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