David Lappin

SNG specialist turned Tournament Pro. Unibet Poker Ambassador. Host and Producer of the Global Poker Award winning podcast ‘The Chip Race’. @dklappin on Twitter.

fold qq pre

Fold Pocket Queens Preflop At The Final Table?! (Analysis)

By David Lappin / March 24, 2023
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dara o kearney aces

Should He Fold Pocket Aces At The Final Table? (Analysis)

By David Lappin / February 7, 2023
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nixon hand

The Worst Poker Hand Of His Life (Analysis)

By David Lappin / December 23, 2022
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selbst hand

Should She Fold Aces Full in the $10,000 WSOP Main Event? (Analysis)

By David Lappin / November 29, 2022
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bluff in low stakes tournament

Should He Try To Bluff The Recreational Player? (Analysis)

By David Lappin / July 15, 2022
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ace-high in 250k tournament

Should He Call All-In With Ace-High in a $250,000 Tournament? (Analysis)

By David Lappin / June 24, 2022
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tourney hand

Should He Call This Jam for His Tournament Life? (Analysis)

By David Lappin / March 15, 2022
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leonard vs petrangelo

Elite Pros Battle for Chip Lead With 0 Pairs Between Them (Analysis)

By David Lappin / October 29, 2021
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aces vs friend

Should He Fold Pocket Aces to a Close Friend? (Analysis)

By David Lappin / October 8, 2021
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doug polk vs martin jacobson

Doug Polk Semi-Bluffs All-In With $3.7 Million at Stake (Analysis)

By David Lappin / October 1, 2021
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chris moneymaker vs sammy farha

The $2.5 Million Bluff That Changed The Poker World Forever (Moneymaker vs Farha Analysis)

By David Lappin / September 14, 2021
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hero call with 15 left battle of malta

14 Players Away from €300,000 — Should He Hero Call This Hand?

By David Lappin / June 22, 2021
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dan smith vs fedor holz

$2 Million Up for Grabs — Can Dan Smith Get Fedor Holz to Fold?

By David Lappin / June 18, 2021
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david lappin on a 666 board

Should David Lappin Fold a Full House on a Devilish Board? (Analysis)

By David Lappin / May 28, 2021
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tom hall with aces and the text icm in the background

How Would You Play Pocket Aces at This Final Table? (Analysis)

By David Lappin / April 30, 2021
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o dwyer vs dara

Should He Fold Trips vs An Aggressive Pro? ($25K High Roller Analysis)

By David Lappin / April 13, 2021
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