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Preflop Strategy Quiz: Only a Feared Grinder Will Get 9/10

Are you ready to challenge your preflop skills? Because these 10 questions aren’t meant to be easy!

Be sure you share your score at the end. Good luck!

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Question #1  True or False: You should never limp preflop

It is acceptable to limp behind other players who have limped when you have a hand that is too weak to raise but too strong to fold. Given that you are incentivized to call, it is worth taking the opportunity to limp behind with hands that play well in multiway pots, and which are capable of making big hands postflop.

On the other hand, limping as the first person to enter the pot (a.k.a., "open-limping") is almost never better than raising or folding, barring some sort of specific read on your opponent. (Also, open-limping from the small blind is an exception.)

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