Meet The Upswing Poker Pros
David Yan -"MissOracle"

david yan missoracle
David "MissOracle" Yan is a former Supernova Elite who has experience in just about every No Limit Hold'em variant -- cash games, tournaments, online, live, and even SNGs.
He's put up some impressive results in live/online MTTs, including a win in the €25,000 high roller event at EPT Malta in 2017 for €465,800:
david yan ept win
...but throughout his career, and especially in recent years, he has also focused heavily on cash games. David is a regular in the 500NL Zoom games on Stars.
He will primarily be making cash game content for members of the Upswing Lab training course. I think a lot of you guys will appreciate his approach to both poker strategy and teaching.