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Shaun Deeb Previews King of The Hill II on Doug Polk Podcast

Timestamps summary of September 30th, 2017 episode.

The Doug Polk Podcast returned Saturday with a one-on-one segment featuring King of The Hill II participant Shaun Deeb.

The second installment of Poker Night King of The Hill will be live from Rivers Casino Pittsburgh this weekend starting Friday, October 6th at 6:00pm Eastern Time. Shaun will be competing heads-up for $200,000 against fellow high stakes players Olivier Busquet, Parker Talbot and reigning King of The Hill title holder Phil Hellmuth.

The action will be broadcast live with a 30-minute stream delay on the @PokerNightTV Twitch channel with our very own Doug Polk in the commentator’s booth.

A quick reminder that the Upswing Poker Pot Limit Omaha section will be receiving an update soon. For more details, we encourage our readers to tune-in to the @DougPolkPoker YouTube channel this Monday, October 2nd when our in-house PLO expert Fernando Habegger will be live with Doug.

Following is a Timestamps summary of the September 30th, 2017 Doug Polk Podcast episode with Shaun Deeb.

Day 1 Ratings: 15,912 Views — 253 Likes, 35 Dislikes (0:00) Intro, KOTH II begins Friday, Oct 6th — @PokerNightTV Twitch channel (0:55) Upswing Poker PLO program changes, Monday podcast (2:13) Doug drank all of Deeb’s wine. Ryan Fee is to blame. (3:02) Shaun Deeb poker profile & background (5:58) Ted’s Fish Fry is a family business

IMAGE CREDIT: Ted’s Fish Fry

(9:08) Shaun Deeb’s Black Friday experience (April 15th, 2011) (11:34) Live vs. Online poker (12:27) Live poker “entertainment factor” is huge for pros (15:12) Doug’s three-hand, $300k downswing in KOTH I cash games (17:11) Shaun Deeb on Doug’s live poker leaks (18:30) GTO poker vs. Exploitative poker (21:24) Big Jeremy Kaufman hand vs. Shaun Deeb on PNIA (22:25) Shaun’s thoughts on sims reducing human edges (24:45) Doug says Poker Masters field was tougher than expected (26:32) NLHE MTT fields are improving. Mixed games the answer? (28:18) Zero rake has helped high roller MTTs. Daniel Negreanu shout-out. (29:59) Gamboooling makes sense b/c of taxes upon having a winning year (31:20) Deeb on mixed games. Edibles story (34:25) Deeb says vets are bored with NLHE, but PLO makes for boring TV (35:09) Doug shooots on ‘Jungleman’ Daniel Cates (36:28) Shaun talks about PokerGO programming vs. Poker Night (38:30) Doug’s thoughts on televised poker in 2017 (40:04) Overlap in televised poker events. Cross-over personalities are great. (43:05) Doug talks about Poker Masters Day 1 featured table (43:49) Doug gives props to Daniel Negreanu (44:33) Poker After Dark doesn’t reveal who will be on the show (46:03) Why smaller stakes games have helped PNIA programming (47:26) Deeb says “scared money” doesn’t help televised poker (48:27) Shaun enjoyed PokerStars’ “The Big Game” more than PAD (pre-Black Friday) (48:56) FEATURED: King of The Hill II discussion begins (50:55) Phil Hellmuth favored to win KOTH II? Shaun Deeb a long-shot? (52:17) Baby Chance takes over the Doug Polk Podcast (53:47) Slowrolling discussion (55:35) Doug vouches for Deeb, then asks about “villain” persona (58:16) Deeb’s WSOP Main Event hand (Aces vs. Ace-Six) (59:13) Shaun Deeb’s epic slowroll against Mike Matusow on PNIA pilot episode (1:00:59) Deeb’s slowroll in “Dr. Mike Mixed Game” pissed off “Crazy Larry” (1:03:05) Doug commits to spreading the word for those who slowroll Deeb (1:04:56) Entertainment value and showmanship of slowrolls trump speedy play (1:05:33) Open-Face Chinese Poker & Pineapple discussion (1:07:31) Doug compares “puzzle game” OFC to actual poker (1:08:53) The “dark side” of OFC (1:10:26) Is Shaun Deeb too rich? (1:11:22) Upswing Kaitie shout-out

Poker Hands with Upswing Kaitie (Nov 23, 2016)

(1:11:54) Deeb a fine dining aficionado? Or does he just like food? (1:12:51) “Lodden Thinks” discussion (1:14:58) Doug’s first date with Upswing Kaitie (1:17:05) Shaun and Ashley Deeb’s first date at Frank Kassela’s 4th of July bash (1:17:32) Doug & Upswing Kaitie learning about “Lodden Thinks” on first date (1:18:37) If Doug & Upswing Kaitie get married… (1:19:21) Congrats to Ben Lamb & Rachel Okimi, Jenny Deeb wedding shout-out

POKER NEWLYWEDS: Ben Lamb & Rachel Okimi

(1:20:58) Doug has over 100,000 kids (YouTube subscribers) (1:21:37) Shaun Deeb death wish is on pace (1:22:09) Doug talks about #RoundLife. #CoachDoug satire during Brains vs. AI 2017 (1:23:50) Shaun Deeb Outro, KOTH II begins Friday, October 6th at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh SOCIAL MEDIA CONSIDERATION: (Twitter) @shaundeeb – @DougPolkPoker – @crashleyonfire – @TedsFishFry – @sheemerz – @BenbaLamb – @PokerNightTV – @MattGlantz – @olivierbusquet – @RealKidPoker – @phil_hellmuth – @tonkaaaap – @UpswingPoker

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Home > Shaun Deeb Previews King of The Hill II on Doug Polk Podcast
Home > Shaun Deeb Previews King of The Hill II on Doug Polk Podcast
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