Dan Jungleman Cates

‘Jungleman’ Dan Cates Disses PokerStars, Promotes Short-Deck Poker

High stakes pro scoffs at world’s largest poker site in latest podcast with Doug Polk.
Details on short-deck Hold’em, nosebleed Asia games, Tom Dwan and more.

The Poker Night King of The Hill Podcast Week continued Wednesday on the DougPolkPoker YouTube channel as professional high stakes player ‘Jungleman’ Dan Cates shared his knowledge with viewers on dozens of topics that are of interest to poker fans around the globe.

Cates has been earning heaps of cash playing online poker in 2017, but warns professional players about bot-infested games on PokerStars that continue to plague real money gameplay on the world’s largest poker site.

The 27-year old poker savant discussed a wide range of poker strategy with Upswing Poker pro Doug Polk on Wednesday’s show, including the intricacies of Short-Deck Hold’em, which the inaugural King of The Hill competitor reports has grown in popularity in Asian locales such as Manila and Macau.

Jungleman also revealed his thoughts related to Swedish online player Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom, while providing an update on the Durrrr Challenge (which will soon enter its eighth year), its creator Tom Dwan, and Russian Poker advantage playing.

Doug Polk Podcast Week TIMESTAMPS (‘Jungleman’ Dan Cates)

Post-Show Day 2 Ratings: 36,776 Views — 663 Likes, 32 Dislikes

(0:00) Intro Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates, Jungle’s Macau & Manila poker activities, Phil Ivey & Tom Dwan sightings
(2:20) Jungle shows off his Chinese skills
(4:09) Wang “Shanghai” Wong and Qin “The Chairman” Si Xin
(7:12) Short-deck Hold’em explanation, strategy & equities
(10:54) New variants are good for high stakes games
(11:50) Doug and Jungleman’s experiences with big bet mixed games at ARIA
(13:06) $10k PLO flips, side bets & Matt Kirk shout-out
(15:29) Bobby’s Room vs. ARIA — Gus Hansen, David Oppenheim cross-booking
(17:22) Doug shares story about David Oppenheim
(18:14) New setup requests, people who get mad at dealers
(19:40) Jungle’s best and worst other games – Stud Hi is the “Wild West”
(22:01) King of The Hill, Dan Cates vs. Frank Kassela semifinal match
(31:48) Viktor Blom (Isildur1) “crushing it” on Stars lately, battling vs. Raul Gonzalez
(33:41) Discussion about high stakes player “wilhasha”
(38:37) Back to Viktor “Isildur1” Blom
(42:30) Jungleman missed flush draws tilt story, Cates doesn’t alter his play
(44:47) Jungleman “no throwing things” prop bet with Phil Galfond
(46:28) Jungleman craves “Isildur1” shortcake + horrible high-stakes games at Stars
(50:40) Is Scott Seiver really Dan Cates’ soulmate? Jungle relives history between the two.
(55:06) Tom Dwan discussion begins, Dwan has paid between $700k-$800k in penalties to Jungleman

Image Credit: @SrslySirius

(1:02:31) “Durrrr Challenge” side bets, collateral damage
(1:03:26) Doug and Jungle flirt with potential prop bet, share past weight-loss bet
(1:05:04) Is Tom Dwan still a HU NLHE beast?
(1:07:21) Does Jungle believe Tom Dwan has been fair throughout the process?
(1:10:14) Polker-philosophy… Will Jungle let this go on indefinitely? Talk of settlement if inaction continues.
(1:11:07) Live assistance software and bots in poker, botting on PokerStars
(1:12:23) Jungleman vs. AI, Pocket 7s META hand
(1:13:35) Screen names that Cates has been told are using live assistance software (bots)
(1:16:02) PokerStars high stakes games punish non-cheaters
(1:17:47) If you want to make money at the tables, PokerStars isn’t the place. OMG Chests!
(1:20:15) Jungle says online poker still has a future for profitable players
(1:21:52) Should new variants of poker be embraced more? N00BS <3 NLHE
(1:23:46) Live mixed game negotiation
(1:26:16) Stars’ decision to 40-ish cap NLHE/PLO games & its effect on 8-Game play
(1:29:00) Doug realized in 2015 that HU-NLHE was not the future, PLO experiences
(1:31:18) Omaha-8 & Stud-8 discussion, difficult to imagine young players going wild over Stud-8
(1:33:53) Is Jungle into other forms of gambling besides poker? Russian Poker advantage playing.
(1:36:46) Is “OtB_RedBaron” the top dog in 6-max NLHE? Jungle can “smell the sims.”
(1:39:44) SpongeBob SquarePants avatar, “anti-sims action plays” plus explanation of “simulations”
(1:41:28) “Trueteller is an animal.”
(1:42:33) High stakes games in Manila, Hong Kong & Montenegro, reg-on-reg action
(1:43:13) Jungle talks about $3m USD pot from 10 days ago, has seen $5m USD pots
(1:45:56) Jungle hints at $15m USD pots in secret games but can’t share details
(1:47:29) No-sleep games – must play 15 hours or lose $1.3m USD before you can stand up
(1:49:00) Recent short-deck nosebleed hand Cates was involved in — Flush > Full House
(1:51:07) High stakes bluffing, scared money
(1:55:25) Wrap-up, follow Dan Cates on Twitter @JunglemanDan — Frank Kassela Thursday

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David Huber (known as “dhubermex” online) has been involved in the poker industry for more than a decade. He currently assists several poker and gaming entities as a researcher, writer, and consultant. Former Editor-in-Chief & Head Moderator of online tournament rankings site PocketFives (2006-2011).



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