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Phil Hellmuth Speaks Out on Doug Polk PNIA “Podcast Week” Show

Poker Brat embraces communication in revealing segment with Doug Polk.

The world’s all-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth joined Founder of The Year Doug Polk Tuesday to talk in-depth about Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan, Mike Matusow, and several high profile topics that are of interest to the poker community.

Hellmuth, who hails from the state of Wisconsin and recently celebrated his 53rd birthday, has well over $21 million USD in live poker tournament cash prize winnings and a WSOP Main Event championship dating back to 1989 when he dashed Johnny Chan’s hopes of a three-peat at the young age of 24.

Phil and Doug will face-off in the inaugural Poker Night King of The Hill heads-up contest in New York starting August 22nd, with the eventual winner of the four-player bracket competition taking home $200,000 USD cash.

Below we have included a Timestamps section so Team Upswing and Poker Brat fans can follow along as Phil reveals his thoughts on everything from timed-action live poker tournament stipulations and the luck factor in winning mass-field events to his grandfather’s work at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital along with his own charity efforts.


Doug Polk Podcast Week TIMESTAMPS (Phil Hellmuth)
Post-Show Day 1 Ratings: 17,650 Views — 726 Likes, 19 Dislikes

(0:00) Intro, Reference to Doug & Ryan Fee’s article on Phil Hellmuth
(1:24) Phil claims he has “the best ROI in history by far.”
(1:45) Poker Brat wisdom – Top of The Curve & Baseball
(3:33) What does Phil believe is responsible for his WSOP success?
(4:25) Segue to Doug’s 10-handed One Drop Pocket Queens hand
(5:17) White Magic discussion begins
(6:37) Phil asks what the beef is between Doug & Daniel Negreanu
(10:51) Doug respects Daniel & Phil’s efforts as poker personalities/ambassadors
(12:05) Phil Hellmuth on his poker life and persona
(16:24) “I’m a great winner.” -Phil Hellmuth
(16:50) Poker Brat book, NY Times Best Seller’s List, global attention
(18:36) One takeaway Hellmuth fans will have after reading Poker Brat
(19:26) Phil’s charity efforts, emcee duties at events
(19:57) Phil on balance and the younger poker generation
(22:19) Poker personalities, John Hesp, #GrowPoker and #DontStopPoker
(24:10) Phil shoots on “Invitational Only” tournaments, future of high rollers
(25:30) Poker entertainment, good for the game, live streams and vlogs
(27:15) Phil’s charity goals, BANG BANG at “charity models” taking 95% cut
(28:37) What motivates Phil to strive and continue to grind in poker
(31:09) Phil’s WSOP experiences playing smaller buy-in events vs. high rollers
(32:59) Do people overestimate luck factor in winning mass-field MTTs? More White Magic.
(36:50) How important are winning WSOP bracelets in a poker player’s career?
(38:42) Phil Hellmuth Bicycle Club story from 1988, money management & The Pyramid Code

(44:28) Doug gives YouTube shout-outs, teases upcoming live discussion topics
(47:43) Doug monologue on upcoming Poker Night “King of The Hill” Aug 22-25
(48:30) Phil promotes his new Essential phone, Andy Rubin, 360° video
(51:46) Phil Hellmuth framed stethoscope story, George A. Hellmuth, Chicago Mercy Hospital & Cholesterol
(53:21) Phil’s (least) favorite TV moments, Adam Owen hand in 2015
(57:45) Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan, “five years” comment, Dwan in Macau
(59:37) Doug discusses #SaveTom debt, Jungleman heads-up challenge
(1:02:12) Phil on Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow, booking vs. cross-booking action
(1:04:42) White Magic returns, Phil claims no losing years in cash games
(1:07:33) Dan Ott WSOP Main Event discussion, #CoachDoug speaks
(1:08:43) Social media pressures during Main Event, Phil talks about Gordon Vayo
(1:10:36) ESPN and PokerGO commentary during World Series of Poker
(1:12:51) Phil Hellmuth’s promotional pimpage prowess, SXSW shout-out
(1:14:41) Play Poker Like The Pros & ESPN
(1:16:24) PokerGO & Cary Katz, Phil on televised poker
(1:16:45) Two inhalers and a PokerGO sub for mom
(1:17:22) 2002 pre-Moneymaker poker boom, WPT & Bennifer
(1:18:23) Doug talks about PokerGO, Poker Masters & return of Poker After Dark
(1:21:18) Mori Eskandani, ten-dollar response to sob stories, Mori love and recent breakfast get-together
(1:23:36) Ultimate Bet discussion, Phil speaks, references Poker Brat book & Black Friday
(1:26:11) Phil talks about why he stayed with UB until November 2010, Travis Makar leaked audio tapes
(1:28:30) Phil talks about viral mis-awarded pot on UB, reveals log-out perspective
(1:30:05) “Pots were mis-awarded all the time.” -Phil Hellmuth on first-gen online poker
(1:31:32) Doug implies admin interference on UB mis-awarded hand, Hellmuth disagrees
(1:34:14) Doug shoots on automatically attracting enemies as a high profile personality
(1:34:45) Greg Pierson, Nevada Gaming Control Board “Level 5” investigation
(1:35:40) Phil’s Top 5 “Under 40” No Limit Hold’em players
(1:37:06) Phil trolls Doug with WSOP “Hold’em Bracelet” history

(1:38:41) White Magic chat continues, Fedor Holz, Byron Kaverman & Dan Smith
(1:39:55) Tanking in poker, “Action Clock” at WPT main tour events & faster play
(1:40:49) Is Hellmuth, DNegs & Polk critique of tankers paying off?
(1:42:11) MTT bubble stalling and hand-for-hand implementation
(1:44:06) Cristoph Vogelsang “within rules” timed-action tanking
(1:45:23) Live time banks are great for White Magic spell-casters like the Poker Brat & DNegs
(1:46:40) King of The Hill — “Wipe that dirt off your shoulder, Son.”
(1:47:04) What would Phil be doing now if he hadn’t found poker?
(1:47:45) Poker skills and transitioning, Phil’s biggest influences outside of poker
(1:49:45) Outro, Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates Wednesday at 3PM Pacific Time

(Note: Join the Upswing Poker Lab training course and collaborate directly with high stakes pros Doug Polk and Ryan Fee!)

Home > Phil Hellmuth Speaks Out on Doug Polk PNIA “Podcast Week” Show
Home > Phil Hellmuth Speaks Out on Doug Polk PNIA “Podcast Week” Show
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