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Fedor Holz Joins Doug Polk to Discuss Big Money Poker, Business Projects

“Young Prince” extends business reach beyond poker felts with Primed Mind.
Timestamps recap of Fedor Holz & Doug Polk YouTube podcast from June 13, 2017.

Live poker tournament superstar and 23-year old businessman Fedor Holz called-in to the DougPolkPoker YouTube channel Tuesday to discuss the high stakes community, the native German’s success in big money tournaments, along with transitioning into other business pursuits outside of poker.

Fedor, who is commonly referred to by his nickname “CrownUpGuy,” has amassed nearly $23 million USD in live poker tournament cashes to accompany an online MTT career which took off following his 2014 WCOOP Main Event victory for $1.3 million.

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Meanwhile Doug Polk has exploded onto the poker scene in the past 12 months thanks to a slew of high profile finishes in both online and live tournaments; punctuated by his recent WSOP High Roller for One Drop bracelet win for $3.68 million.

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The 90-minute conversation between two of the biggest names in poker comes at a time in our industry when serious and casual fans alike are flocking to social media platforms and third-party distribution sites to interact with the most successful high stakes poker players in the world.

Following is a Timestamps Recap of the June 13, 2017 podcast hosted by Doug Polk with guest Fedor Holz.

Fedor Holz Poker & Business Discussion – TIMESTAMPS (Jun 13, 2017)

(0:00) Introduction
(0:20) Was Fedor’s retirement for real? How much poker is Fedor playing nowadays?
(3:30) The $300k Super High Roller Bowl blind structure
(4:39) Best approach/style to $300k SHRB and poker in general
(6:45) Doug shoots on Fedor’s tournament skills, Fedor loves live poker
(8:46) Heads-Up NLHE and using reads
(9:52) $10k Six-Max final table hand between Doug and Fedor, 558AT board
(12:40) Fedor relies on his intuition less than before, but still places importance on it
(14:30) Events worth playing for high stakes players… Fedor doesn’t enjoy Prague/Bahamas
(16:30) Doug and Fedor agree that Australia is a great poker location
(18:00) Difficult to be mad at any Australian plus great food and coffee – soft cash games too
(18:45) Doug once stayed three months in Australia – confirmed Dong Kim “always in Asia”
(20:14) Touring live poker events – the grind – Doug isn’t fond of Macau, but Fedor is
(21:50) Has Fedor achieved what he set out to in poker?
(25:50) Doug compares traditional chess to “Chess960” (Fischer Random Chess)
(28:09) Doug makes case for embracing new variants of poker going forward
(29:22) Open-Face Chinese Poker is a “puzzle” game, not a “poker” game
(30:00) Doug & Fedor agree that No Limit Hold’em will likely continue to dominate poker scene
(30:34) Fedor’s daily activities, bought a home in Vienna in late 2016
(32:33) PRIMED MIND discussion
(35:10) Fedor has spent 12 hours of each day of past 5 years on poker-related activities
(36:22) Doug talks about the competitive nature of today’s culture
(37:04) Fedor cites famous Mark Cuban quote, shoots on “Unicorn World” many people live in
(38:27) Doug has benefited from enjoying competitive activities

(39:55) Fedor reminds us that an out-of-the-ordinary goal requires a similar effort to achieve
(41:02) PRIMED MIND discussion continues, Fedor has 7 people working with him in Vienna
(42:31) Fedor describes himself as “anti-esoteric”
(44:35) Start-up business challenges exist, but Fedor believes in his product and co-funders
(46:00) PRIMED MIND consumer feedback, Elliot Roe shout-out
(49:40) Doug is excited for Fedor, discusses poker players transitioning into other sectors
(51:00) Fedor shares advice/experience for poker players looking to transition
(51:40) “I think I’m someone that thinks a lot.”
(54:05) Fedor shoots on how quickly high roller events have spread, timing
(56:55) Poker players who have transitioned to trading
(57:20) Traders are n00bs when it comes to reacting to variance
(58:50) Cryptocurrency discussion
(1:00:10) Fedor shoots on current stock market activity, real estate market
(1:02:40) 2009 U.S. real estate market crash
(1:04:00) Cryptocurrency discussion continues, issues with fiat currency
(1:06:02) Fedor believes there will be significant market corrections in foreseeable future
(1:07:23) Fedor’s approach to investing in cryptocurrency startups

(1:09:00) People MADNESS… people just have too much gee-dee money
(1:11:36) Dennis Rodman North Korea PotCoin pimpage
(1:12:29) What is Fedor currently investing in?
(1:14:30) Fedor is waiting for the crash, ICM bubble-abusing itt
(1:15:40) Fedor Holz Recommended Reading, tells “35 Days, 40 Books” story
(1:18:15) Switch (C&D Heath), The One Thing (G.W. Keller & Jay Papasan), Focus (D. Goleman)
(1:19:05) Other business projects Fedor has going on
(1:20:50) Hoodies Hype, Fedor investing in German company that produces electrical scooters
(1:22:45) Luke Roberts Smart Lighting hype
(1:24:26) Fedor believes new, large cities will be built due to technology
(1:25:17) Structure and planning of older American cities vs. European cities (BANG BANG)
(1:27:02) Upcoming projects for Fedor
(1:28:26) Upcoming poker-related activities for Fedor
(1:28:47) Conclusion, sign-off
(1:29:10) Have we mentioned The Giveaway?!

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David Huber (known as “dhubermex” online) has been involved in the poker industry for more than a decade. He currently assists several poker and gaming entities as a researcher, writer, and consultant. Former Editor-in-Chief & Head Moderator of online tournament rankings site PocketFives (2006-2011).



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