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Poker Pro and Media Darling Jamie Kerstetter: Tournaments, Sarcasm, and Twitter

Jamie Kerstetter may not be a widely recognized name, but you should really familiarize yourself with one of the poker world’s most beloved members.

Not only is Kerstetter one smart cookie—she graduated Rutgers University and obtained her J.D. from the University of Michigan—she is also quite an adept poker pro as well as a rising media personality in the poker world.

Kerstetter’s poker journey started 18 months after her law firm decided to lay off newer attorneys. Having dabbled in poker when she was younger and while in law school, Kerstetter decided to change career paths—and, well, the rest is history.

Jamie Kerstetter and poker: the early years

Like any other player, Kerstetter has had her ups and downs. Perhaps her downest down, during one of her online ups, the unthinkable happened. Black Friday hit when Kerstetter was up $40,000 on Full Tilt and believed she could actually make a career out of poker. After the seizure of several online poker rooms—including Full Tilt—Kerstetter found herself unemployed with nearly half of her bankroll unattainable.

Discouraged, she moved to Mexico and played online poker south of the border for a while. When New Jersey legalized online poker, she was able to return to her friends and family and play legally. As a bonus, PartyPoker was looking for a female ambassador for its new partnership with the Borgata and voila, talk about being in the right place at the right time!

She was back home in New Jersey, playing online poker, and working. All seemed right with the world.

On the felt

In addition to her online success—where she has amassed nearly $800,000—Kerstetter has fared well in the live sphere. Her current live tournament winnings are slightly more than $630,000 which include three cashes in the WSOP Main Event over the past eight years.

WSOT Summer 2024

Jamie Kerstetter: Media darling

Kerstetter has amassed quite the following on Twitter with more than 17,200 devoted fans who enjoy her oftentimes sarcastic, mostly funny, to the point tweets. Because of these tweets, her media career has effectively taken off as well. In addition to hosting Poker Night in America and providing commentary for WPT Deepstacks and the Heartland Poker Tour, Kerstetter was recently tapped for booth honors for Days 1A and 1B at the WSOP’s Main Event. Had Kerstetter not been playing on Day 1C, undoubtedly, she would have been invited back for more. Kerstetter ended up cashing in the Main Event—finishing 982nd and taking home nearly $16,000.

In a recent interview, Kerstetter admitted that her recent WSOP gig was scary at first, but after she relaxed and let her natural sense of humor and personality come out, she definitely shone.

Tweet, tweet away

If you’re not following Jamie Kerstetter on Twitter, why the heck not? She covers every topic imaginable, such as:

Kerstetter’s dog Crouton makes many appearances in her Twitter feed. And why not? #GoodDogMom

You’ve just got to love this tweet! It’s not a bad idea, in fact.

Being able to poke fun of oneself is a tremendous gift.

But, of course, poking fun—indirectly, of course—at others is even better.

As a Las Vegan transplant, Kerstetter has rightfully embraced the tremendous Vegas Golden Knights.

And this.

Kerstetter today

The 35-year-old Monroe Township, New Jersey, native recently relocated to Las Vegas—not for the poker—but to become an American Ninja Warrior. Well, sort of. Take a look at this 888ride video where she discusses her plans, her minor fears, her supportive mom, and her, um, intense training regimen.

Jamie Kerstetter is a truly unique individual—one who has taken her intelligence, wit, and love for poker and turned it into a truly lucrative career. And as for practicing law? She certainly doesn’t appear to miss it. Besides, we have enough attorneys today, especially in Las Vegas.

Until next time.

WSOT Summer 2024

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Home > Poker Pro and Media Darling Jamie Kerstetter: Tournaments, Sarcasm, and Twitter
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