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(Quiz) Let’s Play a Final Table with $173,000 Up Top

Fortunes are won and lost at final tables, so it’s crucial you play well when you’re lucky enough to make one.

To help you practice and improve your chances at a big pay day, you’re about to be presented with 10 situations from a $10,000 buy-in final table. You will be taking the seat of Nick Petrangelo as he plays under the screen name oivens22.

Pick the best possible play for each situation, then check out the answers and explanations at the end of the quiz to see how Nick played each hand.

Good luck!


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How’d the Tournament End?

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave you wondering. Here’s a short video in which Nick analyzes the final few hands of this tournament:

That’s a Texas-sized U-L, Nicky P.

Review the answers and explanations for the quiz here!

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Home > (Quiz) Let’s Play a Final Table with $173,000 Up Top
Home > (Quiz) Let’s Play a Final Table with $173,000 Up Top
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