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nick video 3

Bluff-Raising the River with $38,381 on the Line (Analysis)

You’re about to improve your final table skills with Nick Petrangelo’s third and final free strategy video before the release of his new course High Stakes MTT Sessions.

Nick starts the video with a short walkthrough of the course, then moves on to a final table hand review. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed the video! If you want to dramatically improve your tournament skills, get High Stakes MTT Sessions and save $200 when it comes out on Monday, July 8th.

Get a list of all videos in the new course here.

Take care!

See a review of Nick’s new course here.



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Home > Bluff-Raising the River with $38,381 on the Line (Analysis)
Home > Bluff-Raising the River with $38,381 on the Line (Analysis)
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Mike Brady

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