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Become a Winner at Pot Limit Omaha FAST with the PLO Launch Pad Course

Taking up “The Great Game of Pot-Limit Omaha” can seem like an intimidating task. Even the most seasoned No-Limit Hold’em players might feel out of their depth when they sit down at a PLO table.

Dylan “iheartco0kie” Weisman brings a new course to Upswing Poker aimed at giving newcomers to PLO a massive competitive edge.

The PLO Launch Pad course goes live on February 8th, and PLO newcomers won’t find a better way to learn the building blocks of a winning strategy.

The 8+ hour lifetime access course will cost just $99, making it an incredible value offered by Upswing Poker’s resident PLO expert. Weisman’s PLO teachings can currently be found in the Advanced PLO Mastery Course here on Upswing Poker, where Weisman and fellow coach Chris Wehner dive into advanced concepts and strategies for experienced PLO players.

The new PLO Launch Pad course, however, was designed for players looking to build a solid PLO strategy from the ground up

PLO Launch Pad Course Outline

Weisman’s resume as a poker pro includes an intense focus on Pot-Limit Omaha.

Weisman’s Twitch followers saw “iheartco0kie” embark on a $5,000 to $25,000 bankroll challenge last spring, completing the challenge in 30 sessions over a three-month period.

The rules of the challenge dictated that Weisman start at $1/$2 PLO cash games and move up to the next stake when he had 15 buy-ins for the higher stake. Weisman embarked on the challenge to prove that low and mid-stakes PLO games were profitable with the right approach. Here was his final graph when it was all said and done:

25k day 30 gg

Weisman’s PLO Launch Pad course aims to give new PLO players a solid strategic foundation as they embark on their journey up the stakes ladder. The newest Upswing course covers the following topics, geared at both live and online play:

  • General Introduction to PLO
  • How Equity is Generated with Preflop Hand Selection
  • Pro Poker Tools Lesson
  • Quiz: How to Calculate the Pot
  • Raise First In Ranges
  • PLO Matrix Tutorial and Additional Nodes
  • 5 Tips for Three-betting and Four-betting
  • 3 Quick Tips for Playing Aces Preflop
  • Stack to Pot Ratio and C-betting
  • Board Textures in Single Raised Pots
  • Board Textures in 3-bet Pots
  • 2 Concepts for Playing the Turn
  • 2 Concepts for Playing the River
  • How to Set Yourself up for Success In Poker
  • What to Expect From Your First Live PLO Experience

The PLO Launch Pad course also includes a 19-part Play & Explain series, featuring sessions that start at the microstakes and gradually progress. The Play & Explain portion of the course features a four-part lesson from each stake between PLO 10 and PLO 100.

There’s also a 3-part Play & Explain series in which Dylan goes over PLO tournament hands with streamer All-in-PAV.

BONUS: Get One Month of the PLO Matrix for $1

The PLO Launch Pad course officially goes live on February 8th.

Purchasing the course in the first week of availability also offers one-month of access to Upswing’s PLO Matrix tool for just $1 additional.

Normally $49 a month, the PLO Matrix functions as a cutting-edge preflop range tool, designed to show you what hands to play in virtually every conceivable PLO situation. The tool offers ranges customized for different stack sizes, rake, and table positions.

Weisman uses the PLO Matrix extensively in the new course, and purchasing the PLO Launch Pad course in the first week offers maximum value for players looking to begin the journey into Pot-Limit Omaha.

Look for Weisman to feature the PLO Launch Pad course in his upcoming Twitch streams at his “co0kies1” channel.

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Home > Become a Winner at Pot Limit Omaha FAST with the PLO Launch Pad Course
Home > Become a Winner at Pot Limit Omaha FAST with the PLO Launch Pad Course
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