The $25,000 Pot Limit Omaha
Bankroll Challenge

Upswing Poker pro Dylan Weisman has successfully turned $5,000 into $25,000 playing Pot Limit Omaha live on Twitch.

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25k day 30 gg

Day #0 - The Challenge (Re)Starts


Dylan restarts the challenge with a $5,000 bankroll, surrendering the $1,300 profit he had amassed in a previous attempt (see why Dylan decided to reset the bankroll here).

Day #1 - Off to the Races


Dylan’s first session back got off to a rocky start, with his bankroll quickly dipping down to around $4,000. A monster $1,200 pot midway through the session turned the tables for him, however, and he was able to finish out strong.

The session ended with the bankroll at $5,748 for a $748 win.

Day #2 - The Bankroll Has (Almost) Doubled


This session was all up hill from the get go. Dylan was on fire and seemed win every pot he played, the biggest of which was a 3-way all-in with top set, in which he rivered quads to scoop a pot over $1,800!

The night ended with the bankroll at $9,925 for a $4,177 win.

Day #3-4: Damn It, Internet

4/16/2020 & 4/17/2020

Unfortunately Dylan was bothered by internet issues during these two sessions and has had to call them extremely short. Between the two he lost $200 and the bankroll is currently sitting at $9725.

Day #5: Off-Stream Win


Unfortunately Dylans internet was having issues again today, but he managed to get a recorded session in. It was an extremely swingy day, but some well timed run good in 4-bet pots ultimately lead to a profit.

The $2,186 win brings the current bankroll up to $11,911. The highlights from this session will be uploaded to YouTube.

Day #6 - More Winning


The session started off slow, but about an hour in the rollercoaster began. 4 figure pots were being pushed in all directions, including a classic cooler where Dylan turned top set and got it all in vs middle set for over $2500. After the dust cleared, he booked a $1,254 win bringing the bankroll up to $13,165.

Day #7 - Variance Catches Up


Unfortunately variance caught up with Dylan this session. He encountered many tough spots and was on the wrong side of some large coolers. The night ended with the bankroll at $7,560 for a $5,605 loss.

Day #8 - PLO Giveth and...


Another rough session in which Dylan's hands just couldn't seem to hold in crucial all-ins. PLO giveth and PLO taketh. After calling it quits, the bankroll is sitting at $4,693 for a $2,867 loss on the day.

Day #9 - Downswing Poker


The downswing continues, unfortunately, and with the Bankroll dipping below $4,000, Dylan was forced to drop down from $2/$4 due to the challenge guidelines. The games were just not firing at the lower stakes, however, so the session had to be called short. The bankroll is now at $3,256 for a $1,437 loss on the day.

Day #10 - Rebound


The session started off rocky as Dylan lost multiple all-in pots versus the same opponent, but the tables turned about an hour in. He started making hands, executing well-timed bluffs, and getting thin value.

The session ended with the bankroll at $4,503 for a $1,247 win on the day.

Day #11 - Back Above Starting Stack


This session was pretty straight forward with no massive pots going either way. A lot of non showdown wins, which are always a welcome sight. After the session wound down the bankroll was officially in the positive again.

Dylan booked an $863 win to bring the bankroll to $5,366.

Day #12 - Swings


The session started off great with Dylan turning sets multiple times , getting all in, and holding. As it progressed,however, the run good seemed to taper off. Lots of missed flops, bluffs gone wrong, and coolers, which resulted in an $1,173 loss leaving the bankroll at $4,193.

Day #13 - Rejuvenated


After a couple of days off, Dylan came into this session with a clear mind ready to crush, and that's exactly what he did. Pot after pot were pushed his way bringing the roll up to $6,875 for a $2,682 win on the day.

Day #14 - Instant Karma


During this stream Dylan gave away a free PLO mastery course to one of his Twitch subscribers and also had one of the best sessions of the challenge so far. Coincidence? Probably... but a win is a win, and this one was substantial.

The $2,958 victory brings the bankroll up to $9,833, which brings Dylan above the 15 buy-ins required to play $3/$6 again

Day #15 - Impromptu Session


Dylan decided to hop on for a rare mid day stream because the games were looking juicy. The action did not disappoint and the session was filled with big pots and nice bluffs.

Dylan managed to come out ahead with a $794 win, bringing the bankroll up to $10,627

Day #16 - HU for Rolls?


The session started off with some $3/$6 heads-up games which were extremely volatile. Dylan couldn't seem to hold in the big pots and was quickly stuck huge. After moving back to 6-max he made a bit of a recovery, but the damage early on was too much to overcome. The bankroll is back down to $5,543 for a big $5,084 loss on the day.

Day #17 - Coolers


Unfortunately the bad run of cards continued this session. At one point Dylan was up a bit, but toward the end of the stream he caught cooler after cooler and had to call it a night.

The session ended with the bankroll at $4,001 for a $1,542 loss.

Day #18 - Refocus


In the midst of another downswing, as well as the stress from the current world events, Dylan decided to put the challenge on the back burner for about a month while he refocused his mind and spent some time in the lab.

In this first session back he managed to book a $122 win, bringing the bankroll up to $4,123.

Day #19 - Trust the Process


This was another session with plenty of ups and downs. Despite not making many hands, Dylan got some great bluffs through. Unfortunately these couldn't completely overcome the early deficit and he came away with a small loss of $358 leaving the bankroll at $3,765.

Day #20 - All-In


This session was filled with many big pots and all-ins. Fortunately, Dylan was on right side of the variance. This was a much deserved change of pace and a nice morale boost. The session ended with the bankroll at $6,193 for a $2,428 win

Day #21 - Back to the Start


Dylan was once again on the wrong side of variance from the start of this session. The tone was set when a massive pot ensued, where Aces vs Aces got all-in pre and the opponent flopped him dead. Dylan made a nice comeback, but a few more coolers left him down $1,218 at the end of the session. This loss leaves the bankroll $4,975

Day #22 - Marathon


This was Dylans longest session of the challenge, clocking in at over 6 hours. The games were action packed and his big hands were holding. This was the perfect combination for a monster session where he booked a $3,921 win bringing the bankroll to $8,896.

Day #23 - Quick Hit


In this quick session Dylan got involved with some heads up 2/4 action, and was able to shot take at 3/6 once the bankroll reached $9,000. Both went well and he booked a $672 win, bringing the bankroll up to $9,568.

Day #24 - Special Guest


Upswing's Ryan Fee stopped by during the stream to railbird. Unfortunately he did not bring the good luck with him and Dylan had another swingy session. He managed to win some big pots late in the day, which brought the session to nearly break even. He ended with just a $37 loss leaving the bankroll at $9,531.

Day #25 - Two-A-Days


With site traffic starting to ramp up from the WSOP Dylan decided to play a morning and evening session today. Both of these went amazing, and he seemingly could do no wrong. By the end of the day he brought the bankroll up to $15,820 for a $6,289 win!

Day #26 - Momentum


Coming off the huge day Dylan decided to run back the double session. The morning started off slow and ended up being mostly uneventful. When he came back in the evening, however, it was a different ball game. Multiple four figure pots were being pushed Dylan's way, and he managed to win $4,948 between the sessions bringing the Bankroll to $20,768

Day #27 - Hold!


This results of this session really came down to a few key all-ins. Dylan had great equity in all of the massive pots, but was never able to hold. This resulted in a $2,066 dollar loss on the day, bringing the bankroll down to $18,702.

Day #28 - Cookies for Breakfast


This early morning session was spurred on by the amazing games running at all stakes -- a sign of online WSOP tournament traffic flocking to cash games.

Dylan was playing everything from 1/2 to 5/10, though most of his focus was on a 5/10 heads-up match. It was an amazing game and he won pot after pot, building his stack up to over $8,500!

After the game died he called it quits with the bankroll at $23,245 for a $4,543 win on the day. The finish line is near!

Day #29 - So Close, Yet So Far


With Dylan just inches from the finish line, he came into this session fired up and ready to crush. Unfortunately he ran into some early coolers including set over set, top boat vs runner runner quads, and boat over boat. He did his best to battle back from the early adversity, but was unable to finish out the challenge today. The session ended with the bankroll at $20,211 for a $3,034 loss on the day.

Day #30 - GG


Despite the bad run the day before, Dylan came into this session as motivated as ever to finally put the challenge to bed. Within minutes of sitting 5/10, however, he ran into a 200bb cooler with Aces, and soon after ran a huge bluff that got picked off. He was able to keep his cool, though, and continued to play his A-game. The tables began to turn as he made quads twice nearly back to back and got paid off both times.

The finish line was near as he hovered around $24,000, but the cards seemed to be taunting him, setting him up with substantial losses whenever he had a chance to lock it all up. For nearly 2 hours he battled around that high water mark when finally, in true Co0kies1 fashion, he got to run a triple barrel bluff that got through, cresting him just over $25,000!

Today's $4,852 win brought the bankroll to $25,063.

Dylan has shown us through this challenge that the low to mid-stakes grind is still feasible. Highlights from the entire bankroll challenge will be available on the Upswing YouTube channel and if you want to check out the advanced PLO course that Dylan co-created, click here.