PLO Pro Surrenders Winnings, Starts Fresh in $25,000 Bankroll Challenge

Dylan Weisman’s $5,000 to $25,000 bankroll challenge is (back) on!

The Pot Limit Omaha specialist and Upswing Poker coach is hitting the reset button on the challenge.

Weisman was up to near the $6,300 mark when we last saw him on Day 32 of his original challenge, but we haven't seen any further sessions on Weisman's co0kies1 Twitch channel since a couple of weeks ago.

The challenge is now back on, and Weisman will restart at his original bankroll of $5,000. In the video above, Weisman explains what happened in the original challenge, and why he's starting from scratch on the new goal.

What ended up happening was an entire whirlwind in terms of trying to learn how to play Twitch, trying to manage a downswing throughout the entire period. A lot was going on, and it was very hard to follow.

For version 2.0 of the challenge, Weisman aims to make his journey to $25,000 easier to follow for fans watching along on the Twitch channel. The restart also gives the poker pro a much-needed mental reset.

I've been on about a month-and-a-half break-even stretch. It's important for me when I'm in these sort of downswings, or break-even times, to create situations that feel fresh, that feel healthy.

Weisman's journey will restart on the co0kies1 channel with the same rules as the original challenge:

$25,000 PLO Bankroll Challenge Rules

1. $5,000 starting bankroll.

2. The challenge ends when the bankroll hits $25,000 or $0.

3. All hands will be played on

4. Every time the bankroll hits 15 buy-ins for the next stake level, Dylan is allowed to take a 5 buy-in "shot" at the next stake level.

Example: If the bankroll reaches $7,500, Dylan can play $2.50/$5. If the bankroll dips back below $5,000, Dylan must move back down to $1/$2.

5. Shots can be played at the same time as smaller stakes tables.

6. If the bankroll ever goes below 10 buy-ins at the current stake level, Dylan must move down in stakes. 

Example: If the bankroll falls to $2,000, Dylan must move down to $0.50/$1 until he gets back to $3,000, at which point he can take a 5 buy-in shot at $1/$2.

Back at the Grind

The original challenge saw co0kies1 grind through an epic bankroll rollercoaster while playing PLO on

It began with Weisman getting over the $6k mark, allowing him to move up to $2/$4. Things took a bad turn at those stakes, however, and Weisman had to drop back down to $1/$2.

The bankroll dwindled to $2,050 at one point, putting co0kies1 just $50 away from having to drop down to $0.50/$1 per the rules of the challenge.

From there, however, Weisman went on a surge, moving up to over $17k by Day 16, and nearly hitting his goal with $22,300 by the end of Day 17.

The next two weeks of sessions saw the bankroll go back down to $6,143, and that balance has stood since the end of Day 32.

Weisman is beginning the challenge anew, so be sure to follow along on the co0kies1 Twitch channel with the PLO crusher as he sets out once again to hit $25k!

You can follow Dylan's progress on the $25,000 Challenge Tracking page.

If you want to level-up your PLO skills, check out Weisman's Advanced PLO Mastery course here on Upswing Poker.