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The 5 Best Poker Strategy Articles of 2021

If you want to crush your poker games in 2022, read on.

These 5 must-read articles published on the poker strategy blog will prepare you to dominate the tables in 2022 and beyond.

I included something for everyone, regardless of your skill level (#5 is introductory, #2-4 are intermediate, and #1 is relatively advanced).

(I recommend saving or bookmarking this page so you can come back to it later. There is a ton of free value to be gained by reading these articles, and I’d hate for you to miss out just because there are too many to read in one sitting.)

Let’s get to the list.

5. How to Play Pocket Kings Like a Pro (Even When an Ace Falls)

Let’s talk about Pocket Kings.

Playing the cowboys is relatively easy most of the time, but every once in a while a dreaded Ace rolls off on the flop, which reminds me of this meme:

In this article, we will help you increase your win-rate with Pocket Kings by covering:

  • How to play Kings in common preflop scenarios
  • Playing Pocket Kings when you have an overpair
  • How to play Pocket Kings on ace-high flops

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Note: We published over a dozen articles about how to play different starting hands this year. See all starting hand articles here.

4. Checking Flop with Top Pair: When Should You Do It?

If you continuation bet every time you hit top pair on the flop, you make yourself easy to play against.

Every top player knows that there are certain situations in which you must check top pair (at least some of the time) in order to protect your checking range. Examples of such situations are examined below.

Settle in because this beast of an article covers a lot of ground, including:

  • A Quick Word on Single Raised Pots and Bet Sizing
  • In Position Examples (Button vs Big Blind)
    • IP Example #1: A T 9♠
    • IP Example #2: T♠ 8 6
  • Out of Position Examples
    • OOP Example #1: T♠ 7 5
    • OOP Example #2: T♠ 8 6

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3. What is a Block Bet & When Should You Do It?

Block betting is a poker tactic that has been around for a while.

For many years, players debated its effectiveness using their own intuition. However, now that solvers exist, we have definitive proof that block bets are the correct play in some situations.

This article covers what a block bet is and when should you do it.

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2. How Poker Solvers Work & How to Think About Them

A solver is a powerful piece of poker software that calculates ‘optimal’ strategies (called solutions) for user-inputted scenarios. The most commonly used solvers include PioSolver, GTO+ and Simple Postflop.

Solvers have changed the game since they became commercially available in 2015, raising the standard of play significantly.

A solver’s solutions contain a lot of valuable insights, but how exactly do solvers work? And is it worth your time to try and remember everything the solver does so you can replicate its strategy?

This article will help you understand the answers to these crucial questions and more.

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1. This is When (and Why) World-Class Players Overbet the Turn

I think we can all agree there isn’t anything sexier in poker than a big overbet. (If there is, let me know what in the comments below.)

From the early days of high stakes online poker, the overbet was first popularized by online legends like Tom Dwan and Dan “Jungleman” Cates.

This article answers 3 basic questions about overbetting on turns:

  • Why do we overbet?
  • When do we overbet?
  • How much do we overbet?

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What topics, concepts or hands would you like to see covered in 2022?

Let us know in the comments below.

Take care!

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