What is a Misclick in Poker? Explanation & Examples

What is a Misclick in Poker? Explanation & Examples

The term “misclick” can apply to any situation where a user makes a mistake with the click of a computer mouse. Instead of the desired action taking place, a different, undesired action happens.

A misclick can happen when you’re playing a video game, or a game involving a computer in any way. You could misclick when trying to download a podcast, or attempting a Google sign-in.

Misclicks can apply to online poker as well. Even live poker players will sometimes use the term “misclick” to describe an unintended action.

Here’s a look at the term “misclick” as it applies specifically to poker:

What is a Misclick In Poker?

Wiktionary lists this as the misclick definition:

Misclick (noun) – A click of a computer mouse that is inaccurate and therefore fails to perform the desired action.

Misclick (verb) – To perform an erroneous click with a computer mouse.

For online poker players, a misclick can carry disastrous consequences. The entire online poker experience depends on using a mouse to input a desired action.

Imagine the implications, then, of clicking on “fold” instead of call with a big pot on the line. Even the most seasoned pros can fall victim to a misclick, especially considering that most professional online players play multiple tables at once.

In poker cash games, a misclick can cost a player their entire stack, which can equate to thousands of dollars at the high-stakes tables.

A misclick can carry even more devastating consequences in poker tournaments, where one wrong move can wipe out a deep run with potentially life-changing money on the line. Even if you’re trending toward a final table finish, one misclick can completely reverse your fortunes.

Poker Misclick Example

Even at the micro stakes, an errant click can derail an entire session. Let’s take a look at what a poker misclick might look like.

When playing online poker on any site, the typical setup looks like this:

What is a Misclick in Poker? Explanation & Examples

Doug Polk playing on WSOP.com during his $100 to $10,000 bankroll challenge.

This image comes from a micro stakes bankroll building challenge embarked upon by Upswing Poker co-founder Doug Polk. In this hand, Doug is in position, holding trip nines with a spade flush redraw.

Doug’s opponent puts in an overbet, and Doug’s next move is a clear call or shove. If Doug accidentally hit the fold button, however, that would constitute a misclick.

While losing a $15 pot doesn’t carry much consequence for Doug in the long run, imagine an erroneous click happening in a spot like this with $15,000 in the middle.

At another point in the challenge, Doug did, unfortunately, fall victim to a misclick that at the time accounted to a major setback.

With around $1,200 in the bankroll, Doug earned a free ticket to a $320 tournament. After busting out, a menu appeared giving Doug the option to rebuy back into the tournament, or quit.

With the free ticket already spent, a rebuy would cost $320 in real money, a significant portion on the bankroll. Doug meant to quit the tournament, but instead this happened:

The “Misclick” In Live Poker

The term “misclick” is sometimes used in live poker, as a synonym for an intended action.

For example, let’s say you raise to $15 in a $2/$5 game. An opponent means to call, intending to do so with a trio of $5 chips.

Instead of $5 chips, however, your unfortunate opponent puts out three $25 chips instead. What was intended as a $15 call is now a $75 raise.

Your opponent might refer to that mistake as a “misclick,” even without the presence of a computer or a mouse.

No matter what the poker format, it’s always a good idea to take an extra few seconds and make sure the click you’re about to make is the one you intended.

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