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[Quiz] Do You Know How to Play Versus Check-Raise?

Playing against check-raises on the flop is an important aspect of a poker player’s game. If you don’t know how to counter check-raises, you open yourself up to being exploited every time you c-bet.

This 10-hand quiz is going to test your fundamental understanding of playing versus check-raises. Good luck!

Note: These questions assume you used the Upswing Lab-recommended preflop ranges and the PioSolver-suggested c-betting strategy for each board. The correct answers are based on the assumption that you are playing against an opponent who is trying to play optimally.

Question #1

PokerStars $0.25/$0.50. 6-Handed. Effective Stacks $50.

Hero is in MP with K 9
UTG folds. Hero raises to $1.25. 3 folds. BB calls.

Flop ($2.75): 6 6 6
BB checks. Hero bets $0.9. BB raises to $3.2. Hero...?

Even though king-high might seem weak, it is very unlikely that your opponent has a strong hand. Quads are extremely unlikely, and the vast majority of poker players would slowplay quads here anyway.

It’s much more likely that your opponent is bluffing or has a weak full house with 22-88 (he’d likely 3-bet preflop with TT+) -- and against those hands, you still have a solid 7 outs to take the lead. If he is bluffing, you'll likely be able to take the pot away on future streets or win at showdown.

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