Team Upswing Current Events (Nov. 2016)

Aria High Roller, Facebook giveaway details, Reddit shout-out and new poker show.

Upswing Poker featured pros Doug Polk and Ryan Fee have kept busy this past week with a number of community-based projects ranging from an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit to the announcement of an all-new Twitch show which will be anchored by Doug and longtime friend Joe Ingram.

Here is a look at what Doug, Ryan and friends have been up to lately, including links to connect with our pros through their unique content on social media platforms.

Table Talk with Polk & Papi

Doug with GTO Club President Joey Ingram

Doug with GTO Club President Joey Ingram

Doug joined Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram recently to announce the upcoming Table Talk with Polk & Papi poker news show that will debut Wednesday, November 23rd on the DougPolkPoker Twitch Channel. The program will be hosted by both high profile poker personalities in a “pardon the interruption” comedy format.

Bankroll Challenge Day 20


The $100 to $10,000 Online Poker Bankroll Challenge has been going well this week. Upswing contributor Jose Aguilar has a great summary currently published here on the site which shows close to a 20% Return on Investment for Doug since returning to the Nevada felts.

Ryan Fee Reddit AMA

Upswing Poker featured pro Ryan Fee

Upswing Poker featured pro Ryan Fee

This past Monday, Ryan headed over to the Reddit Poker streets for a 3-hour Ask Me Anything real-time Q&A session that was a big hit with redditors. More than 100 comments were submitted, all of which the 2016 WSOP Tag Team Co-Champion answered with either text replies or YouTube videos.

Ryan Fee, 31 video replies to Reddit AMA in 3 hours

Ryan Fee, 31 video replies to Reddit AMA in 3 hours

Live Poker Easier Than Online Poker

Ryan also uploaded a recent YouTube clip which outlines 6 Reasons Why Live Poker is Easier than Online Poker. You can read his editorial work or watch the embedded segment below to find out why live poker games are often easier to profit from than those online.

Aria $25k High Roller Starts Thursday

Aria Las Vegas Poker Room

Aria Las Vegas Poker Room

Doug will be at the Aria Las Vegas this Thursday for the $25,000 buy-in High Roller event. Cards will be in the air at 2:00pm PST (less than 24 hours from the time this article is published). If you’re a fan of Doug’s who is on Facebook, you can win 1% of his action.

Follow Doug Polk on Facebook @DougPolkPoker

Follow Doug Polk on Facebook @DougPolkPoker

High Stakes Poker Hands Analysis


If you’re looking for high stakes poker strategy material, you should check out Ryan’s October video in which he goes through several hand histories that posters submit on the TwoPlusTwo forums.

WATCH: High Stakes Poker Strategy with Ryan Fee

(Note: If you’re serious about improving your poker game, check out the Upswing Lab from Doug Polk and Ryan Fee! Get access to Doug and Ryan’s personal ranges for every position along with training modules and live play videos. But don’t take our word for it, see what our subscribers are saying!)


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Home > Team Upswing Current Events (Nov. 2016)
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