Doug Polk Discusses WSOP & YouTube Content with Joey Ingram

Upswing Poker featured pro Doug Polk joined Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram this Monday for a 90-minute episode that revolved around the 2016 November Nine and the duo’s upcoming YouTube content.

Quite a bit has changed in the two-time WSOP bracelet winner’s professional life since his September 9th call-in to Papi’s show. For starters, Doug had a record-setting $455,000 USD online tournament score that was broadcast live on Twitch Poker. Secondly, the soon-to-be 28 year old has powered his way into the top tier of Twitch and YouTube poker personalities since he entered the Strategy & Entertainment casting realm in late June.

However, perhaps the biggest moment for poker fans who watched Monday’s program came at the 4-minute mark, when the two longtime friends revealed an upcoming poker show that will feature both Doug Polk and Joey Ingram. The tentative start date for the “pardon the interruption” style live cast is Wednesday, November 16th. On top of that, Doug has started a new, non-poker YouTube channel in which he will upload videos that discuss pop culture topics and reach out to high profile personalities in that market segment. You can check out Doug’s debut clip on that channel below.

Now that you’ve watched our favorite pro’s inaugural attempt at YouTube pop culture glory, here’s a look at the highlights of Monday’s episode featuring the $100 to $10,000 Online Poker Bankroll Challenge live streamer.

Poker Life Podcast Timestamps (Nov 7th, 2016)

0:00 Joey Ingram Intro Game is too strong
1:40 Bill Perkins streaming from a boat

Bill Perkins returns to Podcast Monday, Nov 14th

Bill Perkins returns to Podcast Monday, Nov 14th

2:30 PLO 3-bet ranges
4:00 Special Announcement: “Pardon-the-interruption” style Poker Show with Doug Polk & Joey Ingram

Doug Polk and Joey Ingram to host new poker show

Doug Polk and Joey Ingram to host new poker show

5:30 Doug Polk has done a “great job” not offending anyone since getting into Twitch/YouTube?
6:45 “Hey Doug! Why don’t you call it Polker Hands?”
9:05 WSOP Main Event — Qui Nguyen 2016 Champion + accusations made by Dr. Andy Philachack

Qui Nguyen -- 2016 WSOP Main Event Champion

Qui Nguyen — 2016 WSOP Main Event Champion

TWOPLUSTWO NVG: Serious Accusations Concerning Qui Nguyen

14:10 Doug watched Main Event from Punta Cana Poker Classic in Dominican Republic
15:20 Shout-out to Joey Ingram for owning Final Table streaming show with 9k viewers
17:00 Joey is willing to fall on sword vs potential DMCA pushback
17:15 No moar Joey Ingram cusswordz? 7 women join podcast script team.
17:40 Gordon Vayo November Nine final table tactics vs. Qui Nguyen’s style

2016 WSOP Main Event runner-up Gordon Vayo

2016 WSOP Main Event runner-up Gordon Vayo

19:40 “If Qui Nguyen had come up in my house and tried that bullshit, he would’ve gotten punked hard.” — Doug Polk

21:50 Gordon Vayo advisors failed to communicate how Nguyen was playing?
24:30 Joey has been in The Lab learning more about NLHE + Upswing Engage Facebook shout-out
26:45 Doug’s thoughts on WSOP commentary featuring Antonio Esfandiari, Lon McEarchern and Norman Chad
27:55 Doug Polk talks heads-up NLHE strategy
29:45 More on WSOP live stream team. Lon likes to get Antonio’s approval before talking strategy
32:00 Will Gordon Vayo’s poker legacy be affected by runner-up Main Event performance?
35:05 Doug was rooting for Cliff Josephy (JohnnyBax) winning the Main Event

Cliff Josephy (JohnnyBax) -- 2016 WSOP November Nine

Cliff Josephy (JohnnyBax) — 2016 WSOP November Nine

36:40 Shout-out to Joe Hachem & past WSOP Main Event champions
39:40 Deep run in tournament most definitely affects fan perception of one’s poker skills
40:20 Must have thick skin to be a high profile poker personality
41:45 Doug discusses William Kassouf

43:30 Shout-out to England. Best fish & chips. Best weather, etc. Doug is half-British!
45:00 Back to Kassouf…
48:45 Some players who go deep in Main overestimate their ability?
49:55 Should Doug Polk coach William Kassouf?
50:10 Average age of 2016 WSOP Main Event entries was 40 years old (thanks Kevmath!)
52:30 Doug’s YouTube content
54:15 Second Announcement: Doug will start another YouTube channel unrelated to poker

Philip DeFranco: "What's up you beautiful bastards?!"

Philip DeFranco: “What’s up you beautiful bastards?!”

58:40 Non-poker channel strat comes full circle as Doug outlines desire to grow poker
1:01:30 Doug’s favorite content on YouTube is the comedy and the trolling
1:02:50 Adrian Fenix knows how to have a good time in Colombia

Team #GrindNation member AdrianFeniXx

Team #GrindNation member AdrianFeniXx

1:04:25 Joey Ingram has walked the “hard middle line” when it comes to drama
1:08:50 Joey’s shout-out game is A+++
1:11:40 Doug’s Bankroll Challenge — Current Roll is $149
1:14:10 Shout-out to Will Bankroll Challenge take 7 years?

Doug Polk Online Poker Bankroll Challenge

Doug Polk Online Poker Bankroll Challenge

1:17:30 Doug’s plans for rest of 2016
1:19:10 Doug’s new YouTube channel link ( Doug’s Non-Poker YouTube Channel )
1:20:15 Doug gets credit for the name Upswing Poker
1:22:10 Live viewer questions
1:27:55 Outro leads into DougPolkPoker stream + upcoming Poker Life Podcast guests

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Home > Doug Polk Discusses WSOP & YouTube Content with Joey Ingram
Home > Doug Polk Discusses WSOP & YouTube Content with Joey Ingram
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