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Doug Polk Bankroll Challenge Resumes November 4th

This past August, Upswing Poker featured pro Doug Polk began his $100 to $10,000 Online Poker Bankroll Challenge on WSOP.com Nevada with high hopes of quickly grinding a hundo into five-figures. Ten days into the Challenge, it appeared as if the two-time WSOP bracelet winner was well on his way to achieving precisely that. The original $100 had swollen to over $500 thanks to Doug’s micro-stakes skills and some timely breaks. All Doug needed was just a lil’ more cooperation from the cards and he’d be soaring above $10k in time to enjoy a few days’ respite before heading to Vancouver to compete in the September WCOOP. Live stream viewers hopped onto the risk-taking bandwagon alongside our favorite pro as he embarked on a $10 MTT journey that would most definitely lead to the Promised Land!

Well the wheels came off the wagon shortly thereafter. The roll dropped back down to a humble one-thirty something. Doug’s most loyal live-cast fans looked on in disappointment as the chat alternated between being supportive and abusive throughout late August. The 27-year old’s groundbreaking A+ effort (highlighted by a 19-hour marathon session) had gone largely unappreciated as online poker fans around the globe instead focused on the math of a 37% Return on Investment. One month, 37 dollars. The official count is actually closer to $142 thanks to some much-welcomed WSOP.com NV bonus money (BLING BLING), but The Lab creator, Upswing Kaitie and their trusted four-pawed sidekick Binks were admittedly a bit bummed when looking at the Challenge subtotal through a results-oriented lens. Yet the struggles endured by the I Go To Wakefield lyricist had placed him on the Twitch Poker map and quickly elevated him into the upper echelon of high-ranking poker streamers. That single month of casting managed to grow poker through increased viewer interest, community engagement, and separate player-based bankroll attempts such as the Spins Challenge hosted by YouTuber and Team #GrindNation member courtiebee.

This Friday, the Twitch record holder will get his second-go at the 2016 Online Poker Bankroll Challenge. Viewers can watch the action live (with a short delay to prevent hole card sniping) on the official @DougPolkPoker Twitch Channel.

An Evolved Twitch Poker Landscape

Doug will enter Friday’s continuation of the Bankroll Challenge under far different circumstances than just a few months ago. Non-premium “Followership” numbers for Twitch Poker casters have maintained steady growth since our June 16th Twitch Poker Report article was posted.

Twitch Poker Growth (per Channel)

Twitch Poker Growth (per Channel)

Doug Polk has a significant lead in percentage-based gain over that period, followed by MTT personality Parker Talbot and Poker Life Podcast publisher Joey Ingram, who hosted a WSOP November Nine Rail Show that was watched by more than 7,000 real time viewers earlier this week. twitch-followership-percentage-nov-2-2016 A numbers-based calculation of Followership popularity also shows Polk ahead of the pack, with Twitch Poker superstar Jason Somerville also attracting more than 12,000 new fans to his channel since mid-June. twitch-followership-numbers-nov-2-2016 The Twitch Poker landscape has redefined itself from the 2015 dual-personality domination of JCarver and PokerStaples to a highly competitive environment as online poker streamers flock towards third-party content and social media platforms to establish or augment their personal brands.

An Evolved Doug Polk

Doug Polk "Poker Dream" Pledge

Doug Polk “Poker Dream” Pledge

WCGRider will be re-opening action on WSOP.com NV with a renewed sense of accomplishment following his September 2016 WCOOP show which resulted in a $455,000 runner-up effort that was viewed by more than 23,500 poker fans.

WATCH LIVE: DougPolkPoker Twitch Channel (Cast begins Friday, November 4th)

WATCH LIVE: DougPolkPoker Twitch Channel (Cast begins Friday, November 4th)

The stage is now set for one of Poker’s Top 5 Modern Day Personalities to guide his Twitch followers to an all-important November bankroll boost. Fans around the world can catch the action live starting this Friday!

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Home > Doug Polk Bankroll Challenge Resumes November 4th
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