Twitch Poker Stats June 16 1

Twitch Poker Report – June 16, 2016

The Twitch Poker live streaming category has welcomed a number of surging personalities in recent months, including the Upswing Poker channel, which has quickly found a permanent spot among the Top 10.

While Upswing gained a significant amount of Followers and overall interest during a record-setting month of May, Twitch Poker veteran Jaime Staples (aka PokerStaples) has regained momentum this week upon returning from Las Vegas.

Twitch Poker Followership: June 12-16

Twitch Poker Stats June 16 1

Since Sunday, June 12, Canadian Jaime Staples has regained his live streaming momentum following a brief visit to Las Vegas for the 2016 World Series of Poker.

While taking a question on-air this week, Staples informed his viewers that he has fallen ill the last six or seven times he’s traveled — bringing up a seldom-discussed issue of the effect travel has on high profile live streaming personalities.

Twitch Poker Chart June 16 1

Jaime Staples’ Followership has increased by 637 since June 12, while Daniel Negreanu has seen his Twitch Poker fan base grow by 192. Upswing Poker, which has worked its live streams in between WSOP commitments, is in 3rd place this week with 124 new Followers.

Twitch Followership Growth Chart June 16 2

Staples has also enjoyed the largest percentage-based boost of non-subscription Followers this week with growth of 1.01 percent. Doug Polk, Ryan Fee & Upswing Poker have gained 0.7% despite daily WSOP commitments, while online poker cash game specialist Darius Wajda has earned 0.61% more Followers since June 12.

Twitch Poker Trends

Tournament streaming continues to rule the category’s top tier, with Parker Talbot (aka tonkaaaaP) enjoying live concurrent viewer numbers above 4,000 for two deep online event runs earlier this week.

Daniel Mar Palsson

Streamer Daniel Mar Palsson of Iceland (aka DanielMarPoker – pictured) has tapered off in Followership this week, but is still benefiting from a significant swelling of his viewer base from the previous week, when the online tournament specialist appeared at several real-time final tables.

Without exception, deep tournament runs can immediately place any of the top-tier Twitch Poker streamers in the #1 Concurrent Viewership slot temporarily. With several high profile casters slugging it out in the desert for the next month, there are opportunities for lesser-known players to heighten their live casting profile.

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Home > Twitch Poker Report – June 16, 2016
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