Does Table Image Matter In Poker Tournaments?

table image

Playing a strong theoretical poker strategy is essential to mastering poker tournaments. However, there are some soft skills that separate the best players from the rest, especially in large field tournaments with lots of weak players. One of those skills us understanding table image, which is the focus of today’s article. Let’s dive in. Note:…

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The Worst Possible Turn Card With $293,062 On The Line (Analysis)

darren vs keven

Nothing in poker beats the thrill of making a final table in a large-field tournament. Today I am going to show you a hand that Darren Elias played as the chip leader at a final table with $293,062 up top. This hand will showcase the high-level adjustments that a very accomplished tournament professional makes to…

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The 5 Types Of Tournament Poker Players (According to Darren Elias)

5 types

You never know just who will be at your table in a tournament. More likely than not, it will be a mix of professional and recreational players. And while no two opponents play exactly the same, there are some general groupings that you can place them into. Top tournament pro Darren Elias groups players into…

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How to Play vs Limpers in Poker Tournaments (5-Minute Guide)

vs limp

If you play large-field and/or low stakes tournaments, you know that there are plenty of players with unorthodox strategies. One common trait amongst weak players, in particular, is that they open-limp. Targeting these weak players and taking their chips will help you build bigger stacks and make more deep runs. How to react to limpers,…

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4 Factors To Consider On The Money Bubble of a Poker Tournament

money bubble factors

Making a deep run in a tournament is unquestionably one of the most thrilling aspects of poker. And whenever you make a deep run, you get to play a unique stage of the tournament: the money bubble. But not every bubble plays the same. This article covers 4 factors you should consider when on the…

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Save up to 51% on Best-Selling Poker Training Courses (WSOT Sale)

world series of tournaments sale

Poker tournament season arrives in just a few weeks on the 2024 calendar. Beginning in May, tens of thousands of aspiring poker champions will descend upon Las Vegas, Nevada, dreaming of life-changing money and tournament glory. If you’re planning on playing any tournaments this summer, Upswing Poker has you covered with the best library of…

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3 Simple Habits That Helped This Poker Pro Win $1 Million

aaron barone million

Imagine winning over $1,000,000 by playing poker tournaments with an average buy-in of $110. While it might seem improbable, the Upswing Lab tournament coach Aaron Barone (who streams multiple times per week on his Twitch channel) just accomplished this feat. He outlined his story in a recent Twitter thread. This article runs through 3 of…

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What is Fold Equity and Why Does it Matter?

fold equity strategy

If you’ve played poker for a while, you’ve probably heard the term fold equity. In this article, I am going to explain what fold equity is and why it’s important to understand if you want to maximize your winnings at the tables. What is Fold Equity? Fold equity is the probability that a player will…

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Dylan Weisman Wins $10K PGT PLO Series Event #6 for $229,500

Upswing Poker students know Dylan Weisman as Upswing’s resident expert on Pot-Limit Omaha. Over the past year, Dylan has put his skills on full display in some of the toughest high-stakes PLO tournaments in the world. (You can learn PLO strategy from Dylan for a low price in his introductory course the PLO Launch Pad.)…

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Aaron Barone Won $1 Million in 5 Years. Now He Joins the Upswing Poker Team

Aaron Barone

The newest member of the Upswing Poker coaching team brings 15+ years of experience from the online poker grind. You might know Aaron ‘abarone68’ Barone from his Twitch channel, where the poker pro regularly streams mid-stakes tournaments to his 16,000 followers. Aaron has traveled the world and played on every imaginable poker site, building a…

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7 Poker Tournament Tips for Running Deep More Often

Poker tournament tips is, apparently, a pretty common search term on Google. I assume the searchers are looking for a quick checklist to go over before playing a tournament, and not advice on how much to tip the dealers after a big win. When I searched “poker tournament tips” for myself, none of the results…

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3 Easily Understood Poker Tactics That Will Make You Money in 2024

3 poker tactics

If you want to add a few money-making poker tactics to your game, read on. Poker strategy has advanced a lot in the past 8 years (thanks to the widespread use of solvers). It’s simply never been easier to gain a deep understanding of the mechanics of the game. But working with tools like solvers…

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Trapping Top Pair with $751,073 On The Line (Final Table EPT London)

king-queen offsuit trap

You’re at the final table of the EPT London Main Event. You’ve already outlasted over 700 players in the 5K buy-in tournament, and just 7 more stand in your way of winning over $750K. You raise preflop with King-Queen offsuit and get one call. The flop is Queen-high. Are you betting or checking? Upswing’s Precision…

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Can You Exploit These 3 Poker Players?

alex vuilleumier's exploit poker quiz

Ready to test your exploitative poker skills? Upswing Poker’s newest course, titled Precision Poker, comes from the mind of chess champion turned high stakes poker pro Alex Vuilleumier. An International Master in chess and a WSOP bracelet winner in poker, Alex brings a fresh approach to studying poker that focuses on building your own game…

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How to Exploit Weak 3-Bettors (AKA Most Poker Players)

exploit weak 3-bettors

Upswing Poker’s newest course presents a fresh approach to poker from chess champion turned poker pro Alex Vuilleumier. In this article/video, Alex shares one of his favorite and most effective exploits: exploiting players who don’t 3-bet often enough. He also teaches you a simple method to leverage a node locking with the Rocket Solver free…

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